Daniel Padilla lost his temper with abusive fans during Ilagan concert

Daniel Padilla got really mad at some fans during his concert in Ilagan City, Isabela last Monday, May 30. Are they really his fans? Or fake fans who just wanted to ruin his night?

A video of Daniel Padilla losing his temper after some fans allegedly flashed a mid finger on him has gone viral online, first uploaded by Kenneth Talosig Ringor IV, who came to the concert to watch his idol sing live some of his hits. Daniel was performing 'Hinahanap-hanap Kita' when it happened.

Allegedly, a group of boys at the Ilagan Sports Complex was shouting bad words and even flashed an F sign on Daniel Padilla. Watch how he reacted to them:

Daniel Padilla reportedly apologized later, but had to cut the concert short after what happened. He went there to entertain the fans, but only to get bullied and disrespected.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree on how Daniel handled the situation?

Those fans are really rude. Why did they gdo there in the first place if they don't like Daniel? - Mykiru.ph

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