Pangako Sa 'Yo: Yna and Angelo break up! And the "Best Tweet" award goes to....

Pangako Sa 'Yo heartbreaking scene: Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla broke the hearts of many KathNiel fans when their characters Yna and Angelo in 'Pangako Sa 'Yo' suddenly broke up, as shown in its episode earlier tonight, October 8, 2015.

Yna already ended her relationship to Angelo (at least for now) due to complicated issues surrounding their warring families.

Their official hashtag for tonight, #PSYBreakUp, generated 1.1-million tweet! And there's one tweet that stood out among those million tweets - this one by a certain Danny Roe from the UK! It made my day! So funny! He thought the hashtag was for Korean artist PSY, thinking it's a group whose members separated ways today!

@DanielRoe: "So PSY have split. To be honest, I don't remember hearing anything from them after Gangnam Style and Gentleman #PSYBreakUp"

The guy from England who's a brain tumour survivor has just made one classy, funny tweet about the popular hashtag, and later tweeted two more, already realized that it's not about PSY, the Korean artist.

@DanielRoe: "So the #PSYBreakUp isn't about the singer @psy_oppa dam, maybe this was wishful thinking 😂 #PushAwardsKathNiels"

@DanielRoe: "So with my tweet making the series popular, it's only right that I give it a go and watch it right? #PSYBreakUp #PSYPaninindiganNiAngelo"

He has also been responding to the comments on his post, and he seems to be fine with those who are correcting him for that "mistake".

@DanielRoe: "@DaniElaine12 wishful thinking...? Lol"

@DanielRoe: "@chndria_ that's great, smile and the world smiles with you #happy #smile 😎"

@DanielRoe: "@prettyanonymouz good or bad, I'm glad you all had a giggle #happy #smile"

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