'Unfair' mass eviction on Pinoy Big Brother 737

Pinoy Big Brother PBB 737 had this real "eviction shocker" last night, September 7, 2015, when THREE (3) housemates were evicted from the Big Brother house.

And what's even more shocking was that...they got evicted based on their co-housemates' votes and not via public voting. I think it's as good as they've been given a FORCED EVICTION.

credit to @pbbabscbn)

Evicted last night were Charlhone Petro from Pampanga, Mikee Agustin from Bulacan and Krizia Lusuegro from Iloilo, while getting saved was Roger Lucero from Bacolod.

These 4 were first given an automatic nomination after losing in a task, then they had to go through a Lig-Task challenge so that only one among them would get evicted, but they failed, thus three had to leave as a result.

And what was deemed so unfair by most PBB viewers is the fact that it was their fellow housemates who decided their fate, including new housemate Tommy Esguerra, who only entered the house just last Friday.

Margo Midwinter chose to save Charlhone, Miho Nishida picked Mikee, Dawn Chang wanted to save Mikee, while Richard Juan and Tommy Esgura, who said that his decision was only based on first impression, chose Roger.

With 2 votes, Roger will still stay inside the house, while the rest were evicted right away, without being given the chance to undergo the usual eviction process - which is going through public voting.

Those three, who are considered fan favorites, have instantly lost their chance to stay in the house and were never given an opportunity to prove their fan voting power, just because of Kuya's harsh and very cruel decision.

Why Big Brother? is PBB rushing this edition?

In all fairness, Pinoy Big Brother isn't the first in the world to hold such mass eviction, and perhaps they took inspiration from Big Brother UK Season 16 earlier this year. The latter was even harsh, 'coz it evicted FOUR housemates in one eviction, but it was fairer 'coz the decision was still based on public votes.

Those four housemates were soon replaced by four new housemates. Will that happen as well on PBB 737? 3 new housemates to replace Charlhone, Mikee and Krizia? Apparently yes, as one new housemate (Zeus Collins) will already be introduced on tonight's episode. - Mykiru.ph

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