Mecca stampede in Saudi Arabia: 700+ deaths, 800+ injured

Hajj 2015 pilgrimage to the City of Mecca in Saudi Arabia has resulted to a stampede today, September 24, 2015.

This is truly a heartbreaking news about the annual event in Saudi Arabia involving millions of pilgrims hoping for new beginnings and blessings, but only to meet such tragedy.

According to Saudi civil defence authority, at least 717 dead, 805 injured in the Hajj 2015 stampede in Mina, Saudi, and rescue operation is still underway as I write this.

credit to @Saudi_Gazette

Feelin' so sad for the lost lives. My prayers are for them.

It's already the 2nd major tragedy in relation to the said Hajj 2015 pilgrimage to the City of Mecca in Saudi. Just 13 days ago, 118 people of various nationalities died from the crane crash tragedy at the Grand Mosque during the preparation for the Hajj 2015.

And this year's stampede is also not the first major Hajj tragedy in history. It already happened at least 7 times already, and the worst one was in 1990 with thousands dead. -

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