Darren Espanto 's viral 'Chandelier' video reaches 2-million hits!

Darren Espanto 'Chandelier' video has now over 2-million views in less than a month since it was uploaded on Youtube.

I woke up this morning to a very good news as Darren Espanto fans (@missgemarc, @ThisisMaverickC) informed me that the video of Darren singing Sia's Chandelier for 107.5 Wish FM has already hit the 2-million mark.

And they were able to catch it hitting that mark at 6AM today, September 5, 2014, which is just 25 days after it was uploaded on Youtube last August 11.

It could probably be one of the fastest to hit the 2-million mark in Youtube, and it's even more amazing to think that the span between its 1-million views and 2-million views is only 1 week.

Watch him again and again singing 'Chandelier' and let's all be counted for the 3-million views!

From what was supposed to be just an ordinary radio guesting, 'The Voice Kids' Season 1 runner-up Darren Espanto, only 14 years old, has now become a worldwide viral sensation. Largely thanks to 9gag.com, an online platform and social media website based in California, USA, for featuring Darren and even described him as "crazily talented".

What followed were numerous guestings in the Philippines, such as 'It's Showtime', 'Aquino and Abunda Tonight' and 'Umagang Kay Ganda', which had him singing his viral hit.

It's now his 4th most-viewed Youtube video, and might soon become his biggest ever. His Top 3 most-watched so far are his blind audition for 'The Voice Kids' (6.3 million), another one from the same blind audition (3.2 million) and his music video for 'In Love Ako Sa 'Yo (2.9 million).

Congratulations Darren and to tha fans! - Mykiru.ph

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