Lance Raymundo gym accident - a warning to gym-goers

Lance Raymundo gym accident: nose crushed! Oh nose!
Sorry to hear about what happened to Lance Raymundo (Real name: Reggie
Raymundo), who I last saw during the premiere night of the indie movie 'Unfriend'.

Last week, the 27-year-old singer-actor met an accident which everyone is calling as "freak accident".

As shared by his own mom Nina Zaldua Raymundo on Facebook, Lance Raymundo had an accident while working out in a gym last March 19, 2014.

He was doing a dumbbell fly exercise when Lance's gym trainer accidentally dislodged an 80-lb. barbell on top of his face, crushing his nose and middle part of the face. Ouch!

Lance Raymundo could have died if he was injured in the skull or neck, the statement says.

Just the thought of it is already very painful. Let's pray for Lance's
speedy recovery and for successful reconstructive surgeries to restore
his face, first of which will be done tomorrow, March 25, 6 days after the incident.

Upon the request of Lance, the name of the gym and the trainer have been withheld, and the statement further says that Lance wants the
incident to serve as a warning to those who work out at the gym to take extra precautions and keep 100% focused.

Don't entrust everything to your training perhaps. From what I've
heard, Lance's gym trainer was reportedly talking to someone else while assisting Lance.

But accident can happen anywhere, even at home. I know a friend who got hospitalized after he fell off a treadmill and
hit his head. He was unconscious for 4 hours, and just found himself waking up at the hospital.

But he's not traumatized. In fact, he's working out both at home and in the gym 3-4 times a week.

Photos taken from Lance Raymundo's Facebook Page

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