Kim Chiu and Sarah Geronimo hug photo gets a "like" from Maja Salvador

Kim Chiu and Sarah Geronimo, two of Gerald Anderson's girls from the past, crossed paths at the Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs Finals last night at the Mall Of Asia Arena.

So, what happened during the two's awkward encounter backstage: They shared same dressing room and after exchanging smiles the moment they saw each other, Sarah Geronimo and Kim Chiu hugged so tight.

It's a good thing that the two didn't snub each other in a moment when all eyes were on them, with many people so ready to flash their cameras and take photos.

Everyone knew beforehand that Kim will host the event while Sarah will
be a judge, but no one expected this to happen, probably except for those people who brilliantly thought of putting these 2 Gerald Anderson "exes" in 1
dressing room.

The unexpected happened, which is actually a delight to their respective fans, who at one point, some were warring fans when the AshRald was born after KimeRald.

Both at least got romantically linked to Gerald Anderson and both was a friend to Gerald's new flame Maja Salvador, Sarah and Kim embraced each other, as if they haven't seen each other for a very long time.

And just like that moment on ASAP last year, when Kim Chiu and another Gerald's "ex" Bea
Alonzo shared one stage
, Kim and Sarah probably were sending out a message to Gerald and Maja that they're okay and have already moved on. Or that "we're here for each other" moment could also mean that Kim and Sarah are ready to be close friends.

If you're on the negative side, the message could probably be this: they're still bitter, they haven't moved on and they're joining forces against Gerald and Maja.

But let's dwell on the positive.

As for Maja Salvador, she probably is happy for them and won't mind if Sarah will replace her as Kim's new best friend. A screen shot from Instagram circulating in the Twitterlandia shows that Maja appeared to have liked that photo of Kim Chiu and Sarah Geronimo's hugging each other.

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