Anne Curtis "No Underwear" Wardrobe Malfunction at ASAP 18? Anne reacts!

Anne Curtis' "no underwear" production number on ASAP 18 last Sunday, February 24, 2013, has become a hot topic online the past 2 days.

The viewers have been wondering: "Did Anne Curtis wear underwear in her sky high slit gown on ASAP 18?"

If yes, then Anne probably wore something invisible. But if no, she possibly suffered another wardrobe malfunction as something allegedly made a peek during her number.

Not new to cases like that, Anne Curtis already experienced such while doing a dance number for ASAP's Boracay show in May 2010.

Then last Sunday, a big "reveal" could have possibly happened if Anne Curtis intentionally wore nothing underneath her outfit during her birthday number, where she performed "Diamonds" by Rihanna.

Some fans are already worrying about the possibility of ASAP 18 facing sanctions from the MTRCB because of Anne Curtis' birthday number, just like what happened to its rival show on GMA 7. [LATEST UPDATE: ASAP 18 under investigation by MTRCB over Anne Curtis' outfit & "wet" number last February 24]

To end speculations, Anne Curtis has already reacted to this latest controversy.

According to Anne, in response to a tweet of one of her 4-million Twitter followers, she was 100% protected during her number, and that she's not gonna let another unfortunate incident happening again.

Her stylist friend Pam Quiñones, who was with the birthday girl at ASAP last Sunday, also tweeted in Anne's defense, saying that Anne wore a dress with a built-in swimsuit.

Oh okay! It's actually my first time to hear about a dress with built-in swimsuit. I only know shorts with built-in swimsuit or tops with built-in undergarment. Am I so left behind?

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