Two-faced cat Venus becomes internet sensation

Two-faced cat Venus from Florida, USA is drawing lots of fans from around the world (count me in), as photos and video of her go viral on the internet.

The said video of the two-faced cat Venus uploaded on Youtube has already attracted nearly a million views (825,000 views as of today) and is most likely to hit the million mark by tomorrow.

Venus has a very unique face, divided into two colors: black and calico, with also two different eyes (one is blue and one is green).

She is originally from North Carolina and was adopted by a family from Florida.

Watch the said viral Youtube video below of Venus, the two-faced cat:

Photos of the two-faced cat may look so unreal to some people, even raising photoshop controversy, but her live appearance on TODAY Show in the US Wednesday, August 29, would tell that she's so real.

Two faced cat venus photo
Photo Credit: TODAY via MSNBC

Have you ever seen a two-faced cat before Venus? I've never seen one. But "two-faced" humans? Many times already. -

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