Miss World 2012 Live Stream Updates: Top 15 semi-finalists announced!

The Miss World 2012 Finals is happening right now in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China.

Read below for live stream updates from the Miss World 2012 Finals:

*Miss China PR Wen Xia Yu is named Miss World Talent beating finalists from Jamaica, Norway, Panama and the Philippines. (I was expecting Miss Philippines Queenierich Rehman to win this title after she made worldwide headlines for the amazing beatboxing that she did during the talent finals.)

*Top Model winner is Miss South Sudan Atong Demach. She won over the finalists from Australia, Belize, Brazil, Chile, China PR, Jamaica, Mexico, Poland and Spain.

*Miss Mexico Mariana Berumen and Miss India Vanya Mishra are announced as Top 2 finalists for the Multimedia Award. The award goes to Miss India.

*Beach Fashion winner is Miss Wales Sophie Moulds. Other finalists for this award were Misses Australia , Brazil, China PR, Colombia, Czech Republic, Guadeloupe, Nepal, Nigeria, Northern Ireland and Wales.

*Miss Sweden Sanna Jinnedal is Miss World Sports winner.

*After winning the Multimedia Award, here India again winning the Beauty with a Purpose Award. No wonder, she leads the Top 15 semi-finalists as seen on the leaderboard. (Other finalists for the Beauty with a Purpose Award were Guatemala, Wales, USA, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kenya and England)

*Miss World 2012 Top 15 semi-finalists have been officially announced and they are:

Miss World 2012 Top 15 semi-finalists

India, Vanya Mishra
Mexico, Mariana Berumen
Australia, Jessica Kahawaty
Jamaica, Deanna Robins
China PR, Wen Xia Yu
Wales, Sophie Moulds
South Sudan, Atong Demach
England, Charlotte Holmes
Brazil, Mariana Notarangelo
Spain, Aránzazu Estévez
Philippines, Queenierich Rehman
United States, Claudine Book
Netherlands, Nathalie den Dekker
Indonesia, Ines Putri Tjiptadi Chandra
Kenya, Shamim Nabil

*From 15, they're trimmed down to just 7. The Top 7 finalists of Miss World 2012 are (in order of announcement):

(China is of course included!)

Jamaica, Deanna Robins
South Sudan, Atong Demach
India, Vanya Mishra
Australia, Jessica Kahawaty
Brazil, Mariana Notarangelo
China PR, Wen Xia Yu
Wales, Sophie Moulds

*Miss Mexico who was #2 in the leaderboard for the Top 15 semi-finalists failed to enter Top 7.

*The Winners are announced:

2nd Runner Up - Australia, Jessica Kahawaty

1st Runner Up - Wales, Sophie Moulds

and the Miss World 2012 winner is China PR, Wen Xia Yu.

Miss China wins in China, the 2nd time already in Miss World history. - www.mykiru.ph

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  1. luk at d scores, china leads. d ranking seems to be random?