Male housemates to dance naked for their weekly task


Another exciting thing is going to happen on Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.

Big Brother has instructed the housemates to prepare for a dance number as their weekly task.

But the bigger challenge is that, they're going to do it totally naked. Wow gusto ko 'yan!

The challenge for the week will be actually a battle between the housemates from House A and those from House B.

Big Bro has shown to them a sample video of the dance number they have to prepare for and it's a "Japanese fan dance" wherein the boys only have fans as their props.

You can watch a video of it HERE.

It will also remind you of the group who joined Sweden's Got Talent last April when four boys, who wore nothing but crispbread, danced infront of the judges. Watch them HERE.

Both videos have become Youtube sensation. The Pinoy version might be next.

As what you can see in the screenshot above, transgender Rica Paras was taking charge of the choreography for her co-housemates. She's definitely enjoying it, isn't she?


But of course, not all of the male housemates, most especially Jason Francisco, are fine with the idea of dancing fully naked. Such thing will also be so unacceptable to the conservative eyes of the MTRCB people.

That is why, Big Brother will provide skin-tone bodysuits and T-back undies for them.

I'm so excited na.

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  1. Hindi siya magandang ideya... 'Di muna kami siguro manunuod this week... hehehe