Hunky actors being booked to richy gays

One blind item from TEMPO newspaper that two actors, one is a moreno hunk from the province and the other is a mestizo-looking Manila boy, are being traded to bigtime gays.

Here's how it goes...

"HUNKS FOR SALE - This blind item came from an incurable gossip, an insider in the movie circle. So take it for what it is worth. Must say though that the gossip is at times a reliable source of tsismis and intriga.

Mr. Big (rich and powerful) wanted a good time and so he asked his contact to bring him a handsome actor, a hunk who's "game."

The first hunk, a moreno, didn't suit his taste. He came in shorts and Mr. Big was turned off by the scars in his legs. Nothing wrong with being brown-skinned but he likes them smooth, walang mantsa.

But for the moreno's time and effort, he was given P10,000 (pang-gasolina) and dismissed. No deal.

The second hunk, a mestizo, he liked very much. His "talent fee" - if you know what it means - was stiff P150,000. But the price didn't matter to Mr. Big. Deal.


Moreno is promdi, while mestizo is city-bred

I think the two hunks being referred to in the blind item are the two actors who are both being seen on a Kapamilya primetime show. What yah think?


Here's another intriguing blind item published in Bandera tabloid more than a week ago...

It was entitled "2 MALE CELEBRITIES, PA-HADA SA MAYAYAMANG BADING!" written by Dinno Erece.

The blind item pointed out two guys, who are brothers and were recently launched in a new TV show.

"Kilala raw ang mag-kapatid na ito sa eskuwelahan nila but in another field of "playing". We are not aware of the new guys introduced in a new shhow
sa isang giant network, so clueless kami sa usapan ng mga kapwa namin manunulat about them and who they are. Ang alam lang namin, bago sila
pumasok sa showbiz, they were starting their career in another endeavor or at least that's what their PR states. Kaya nga na-gulat din kami nang
mag-kuwento ang mga kasamahan namin na kilala rin pala sa ibang "bagay" ang mga ito, specially sa kanilang school.

We remember a story tuloy about male stars being the "present boy" of certain places. Sila ang gina-gawang "regalo" sa mga bisita ni sponsor.
Ganito rin daw ang mag-kapatid? We cannot and will not judge. Sa panahon ngayon na talagang napaka-hirap ng buhay, playing for pay is now a wise
business decision, lalo na't may showbiz dreams ka naman

I have an idea, but I strongly don't want to believe because I love them. For sure, you don't want too.

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