PBB Double Up: New housemates!

Kuya or Big Brother welcomed a second batch of interesting housemates to his house last night, September 10, 2009.

And most notable of them is Starstruck Season 3 Avenger Johan Moriel Santos.

Johan has been introduced as the "Cutie Server of Quezon City" because he's a part-time waiter and student.

Another interesting housemate is the Filipino-Austrian soldier Robert 'Rob' Stumvoll who has been given a hard task of pretending as a boyfriend to transgender Rica Paras of Bacolod.

They're just three of the 10 new housemates who will surely add spice inside the house and live with the 10 existing housemates who were admitted last week.

Meet the new set of housemates:

Hermes Bautista, 23, the Reluctant Amboy ng Pampanga

Catherine 'Cathy' Remperas, 22, the Charming Babe ng Bohol

Jimson Ortega, 25, the Houseband ng Spain

Kathleen Lopeña-Ortega, 24, La Señora ng España

Patrick Villanueva, 32, the Charming Banker ng Baguio

Johan Morielle Santos, 22, the Cutie Server ng Quezon City

Riza Mae Patria, 22, the Bibang Probinsyana ng Siquijor

Steve 'Tibo' Jumalon, 33, the Dad of Steel ng Cagayan de Oro

Rica Paras, 26, the Math Goddess ng Iloilo

Robert 'Rob' Stumvol, 24, the Ladies' Man ng Austria

The first batch of housemates is HERE.

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Who is (are) your favorite housemate(s) of PBB Double Up?

Carol Batay of Tondo
Cathy Remperas of Bohol
Delio Dimaculangan of Batangas
Hermes Bautista of Pampanga
Jason Francisco of Mindoro
Jimson Ortega of Spain
JM Lagumbay of Quezon City (OUT)
Johan Morielle Santos of Quezon City
JP Lagumbay of Quezon City (OUT)
Kathleen Lopeña of Spain
Kenny Santos of Rizal (OUT)
Mariel Sorino of Davao
Melisa Cantiveros of GenSan
Riza Mae Patria of Siquijor
Patrick Villanueva of Baguio
Paul Jake Castillo of Cebu
Princess Manzon of Cebu
Rica Paras of Iloilo
Rob Stumvoll of Austria
Steve Jumalon of Cagayan de Oro
Toffi Santos of Rizal (OUT)
Tom Mott of Samar
Yhel Punzalan of Pampanga
Yuri Okawa of Japan

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  1. big bro, i wish that toffi & kenny can go back inside your house.