MYX VJ Search 2008 partial tally of votes

In the partial tally of votes for MYX VJ Search 2008 as of October 03, 8:30 PM, popular names such as Macky Escalona , Chino Lui Pio and Robi Domingo are not the ones on top, but it's less famous Jessica Mendoza who's leading the pack with 14,187 text votes.

Robi, who was the ruler during the first two weeks of voting, is now just in 3rd place with 8,845 votes.

Here's the profile of the 12 finalists with instructions on how to vote:

Nickname: CHINO
Age: 22 years old

Undoubtedly, he’s one of Hale’s biggest fans. Having Champ as a big brother just may have influenced him in getting into the music biz. If he looks familiar, it’s because he had a starring role in Hale’s music video of “Kahit Pa’. Soon enough, you may recognize him introducing his brother’s music video and even more!

To vote for CHINO, Text MYXVJ 1 & Send to 2366

Nickname: KAI
Age: 19 years old
Occupation: Student

Showbiz runs in Kai’s blood, given that she has actors Bernard and Mico are her siblings. The fact that she belongs to the famous Revilla clan is no pressure for this young girl. Kai aptly describes herself as a sweet girl but behind the sugary image is a spicy attitude ready for some head banging!

To vote for ERIKA, Text MYXVJ 2 & Send to 2366

Nickname: JESSICA
Age: 19 years old
Occupation: Student

This girl has the gift of clever wit that could be her her cloak-and-dagger to be the next big thing. Jessica’s spunky blend of sugar and spice could be her ticket to instant stardom?

To vote for JESSICA, Text MYXVJ 3 & Send to 2366

Nickname: JC
Age: 22 years old
Occupation: Commercial Model

Keep the cameras rolling as this ultimate film buff crosses over from viewer to superstar-in-the-making. JC has his sights set on becoming the next big thing. This Ryan Agoncillo look-alike is also very much into hosting and he is bound to keep you glued to the boob tube 24/7.

To vote for JC, Text MYXVJ 4 & Send to 2366

Nickname: MACKY
Age: 23 years old
Occupation: Basketball Player

Shooting hoops is definitely part of this guy’s life but this PBA player is looking at expanding his horizons. Basketball may be his first love but he also has a gift of gab that he is ready to show off. Who knows, he just might be the next face of MYX!

To vote for MACKY, Text MYXVJ 5 & Send to 2366

Nickname: BIANCA
Age: 23 years old

Missing VJ Michi? Although she bears a striking resemblance with the former MYX VJ, Bianca has got the chops to make a name for herself as a fun and funky VJ in the world of music and entertainment.

To vote for BIANCA, Text MYXVJ 6 & Send to 2366

Nickname: MONICA
Age: 20 years old
Occupation: Radio DJ

Hold on to your seats coz this radio gal will surely rock your world. With her background as a radio DJ, she can get you hooked to her kind of music and we’re not just talking about rock. She’s got an ear for all things that’s got a great groove. MYX and music are a perfect match for Monica.

To vote for MONICA, Text MYXVJ 7 & Send to 2366

Nickname: PAOLO
Age: 18 years old
Occupation: Student

This young lad at 18 can pass up as the boy-next-door that girls will surely swoon over. But don’t be fooled coz he’s more than what meets the eye. Beyond being eye candy is a candid and charming guy that can pave his way in becoming the next MYX VJ.

To vote for PAOLO, Text MYXVJ 8 & Send to 2366

Nickname: ROBI
Age: 18 years old
Occupation: Student, Artist

The young blue eagle soared high as a Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus runner-up. This only means that things are looking up as he lands a spot as a MYX VJ Search finalist. This Atenean finds school and showbiz to be a manageable mix since he does his homework in between takes during “My Girl” taping days. Looks like MYX will be an easy fit into his busy schedule.

To vote for ROBI, Text MYXVJ 9 & Send to 2366

Nickname: SAMI
Age: 18 years old
Occupation: Student

Sami is a scene stealer, in a good way, that is. She’s no stranger to the spotlight, having appeared in numerous commercials. So coming out in the newspapers or on TV modeling a hot new brand will be just another day in Sami’s exciting life. Looks like delivering spiels as the next MYX VJ may just be right up her alley.

To vote for SAM, Text MYXVJ 10 & Send to 2366

Nickname: CERAH
Age: 22 years old
Occupation: Host, Model, Student

Cerah is a siren in the making looking up to the vocal prowess of Lea Salonga, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys. Just like VJs Nikki and Iya, it’s not just her vocal talent that will bring her places but her spunk and attitude too!

To vote for CERAH, Text MYXVJ 11 & Send to 2366

Nickname: EZRA
Age: 23 years old
Occupation: Commercial Model

Be prepared to go on a laugh trip because this fellow really knows how to have fun. Call him wacky, call him crazy but one thing’s for sure, Ezra is a real cutie! For starters, his Afro ‘do will surely catch your attention. And perhaps he has done more, because what is he a copywriter cum commercial model for? Advertising practically makes up half of his life. Will MYX make it whole?

To vote for EZRA, Text MYXVJ 12 & Send to 2366

Text votes is 30% of the finalist's final score.

Voting period ends on October 19, 2008.

Info courtesy of MYX

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