Binibing Pilipinas-World Danielle Castano also has problems with English

The new Binibining Pilipinas World 2008 Danielle Castano is more fluent in English than former titleholder Janina San Miguel.

However, when it comes to grammatical usage, Danielle Castano is just a little bit better than Janina.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Castaño was quoted saying, "I'm very proud that I was choosed [chosen] by Mrs. Araneta."

Back in March, Danielle also had a wrong word in her mouth.

During the interview portion, she used the word "overwarmed" instead of overwhelmed".

If you also analyze her response to Dennis Trillo's question during the Q&A, she also did not properly answer the question. She did not answer Trillo's second question.

What is the biggest problem you've ever faced and how did you solve it?

"The biggest problem I've ever faced is when my family separated, my parents separated. I felt really bad, and I, I was, I felt sorrow, deep sorrow, that at the end, I realized that if, that didn't happen, I wouldn't be a strong person, a content person of how I am, and...thank you!."

Despite of this, I think it is just fine since Philippines is one of only two Asian countries who can consistently speak straight English in an international pageant.

Miss World beauty pageant, where Danielle will be the Philippine representative, is also not particular when it comes to English usage. What matters most there is the beauty, charm and projection.

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