Did Xander Ford mock Kathryn Bernardo's physical appearance? Watch for yourself!

Fans of Kathryn Bernardo and Kathniel are outraged after watching an alleged video of Xander Ford (formerly Marlou Arizala) mocking the physical appearance of 'La Luna Sangre' lead actress and rumored girlfriend of his "idol" Daniel Padilla.

Xander Ford during his 'Magandang Buhay' guesting / Kathryn Bernardo in a scene from 'La Luna Sangre (photos courtesy of ABS-CBN)

In the said video, which is now goin' viral after it was uploaded earlier today in the Facebook Page "Hugot Lifestyle", a man who sounds like Marlou was heard saying insulting words against Kathryn.

"Ipinu-promote ko nga pala ung palabas naming La Luna Sangre. Spoiler po talaga ko at gusto ko lang ibunyag na yung lobong ginagampanan dun ni Kathryn Bernardo ay sakang po un," the guy was heard saying in the video.

"Kaya sa mga naniniwalang gustong mag-#1 FHM model si Kathryn Bernardo, huwag na po kayong umasa. Never pa kong nakakita ng sexy na sakang ang paa," he added.

The video uploader claims that it was forwarded by a friend who was in a carpool or same vehicle as Xander Ford.

Here's the video, which can no longer be found at Hugot Lifestyle Page but it was re-uploaded by Fashion Pulis. Watch and hear it for yourself.

If the guy talking, making critical comments against Kathryn Bernardo in the video above is indeed Marlou, it possibly happened before he underwent plastic surgery to become the Xander Ford that he is now.

I feel bad for Kathryn, who doesn't deserve such insult, especially if it's coming from someone who resorted to cosmetic surgery to improve his appearance.

During his 'Magandang Buhay' guesting earlier this week and even in his previous interviews, Xander said that he being a victim of "bullying" and "bashing" has contributed to his big decision of having his face go through surgeries. (READ ALSO: Is Liza Soberano ready for the Xander Ford, the new Marlou?)

It was in the same episode of Magandang Buhay where Xander revealed that he got "Ford" from his idol Daniel Padilla's middle name and Karla Estrada's real surname, which is Ford.

Si Xander talaga yung panganay ko, sumunod lang si Daniel," Karla Estrada jokingly said on Magandang Buhay last Tuesday, October 10, 2017 (photo courtesy of ABS-CBN)

LATEST UPDATE: Xander Ford has already reacted on the video that allegedly shows he's insulting Kathryn Bernardo.

"Hindi ako 'yun," Xander said in a statement posted in his official Facebook Page just this evening. According to him, the guy in the video may sound like his, but it's not him. He said that he loves Kathryn and he will never say bad things against her.

Xander Ford: "Nakakasad lang kasi Hinuhusgahan ako dahil po sa Kumakalat na Video na Kaboses ko at nag paplug pa ng Laluna sangre. una po sa lahat. Hindi ko po kayang ganunin si Ate Kathryn Bernardo Official About sa kung ano daw ang meron sa kanya atchaka po. wala namn po ako alam sa kung ano meron kay ate kath. kasi una po salahat Mahal na mahal namin si ate kath. sya yung isa sa Kinagigiliwan ng mga Fanboy natulad ko. sana ibash nyo ako kung nakita nyo yung Muka ko o kaya May Nag Drop ng name ko sa Mismong Video. Sa totoo lang kaboses ko yung Bunso kung kapated. hindi ring malayo na may kaparehas ako na Boses. Sana po ay alamin muna natin ang katutuhanan. Ito lang po love na love ko po si ate Kathrine Bernardo at Daniel Padilla kaya tigilan nalang po yung mga issue na Hindi naman po kayo sigurado kung totoo. at kung ako at muka ko mismo ang nag labas Eh tatangapin ko. pero kung ako padin ang dahilan ng kinagagalit nyo eh Sorry salahat ng Fans ng Kathniel alam ko hindi ako yun pero para sa taong gumawa nuon para siraan ako ipagdadasal ko nalang po kayo. 😭😔😰🙏."

Half an hour later, Star Artist Image Management, who manages Xander, also released their own official statement, stressing that Xander loves Kathniel and that the issue is just another black propaganda to put him down.

Since day 1 after his grand reveal aired by Rated K, there are still people who were unhappy, angry and continuously ruining Xander's image in social media. Yes he has flaws like a normal human being, but we are currently working to improve his whole character to make him a better person. We all knew his old self "Marlou", as being too confident of himself which often misunderstood as being "Mayabang".

Earlier today, another issue came out and it's a video with a voice talking and describing Kathryn Bernardo negatively. It's definitely not Xander Ford nor Marlou Arizala behind that voice. In the first place, how can he say such derogatory words against Kathryn when in fact during his interviews, he's very keen and proud to say that one of his favorite female actresses is Kathryn Bernardo and his favorite actor is Daniel Padilla (where "Ford" on his new name came from). He even expressed his interest and wish to join La Luna Sangre during his interview in "Magandang Buhay" to be able to meet and work with his favorite celebrity couple "KathNiel".

Voice can be deceiving without seeing the face of the one speaking. There are people who can imitate voices. Even the voices of famous celebrities can be imitated by talented people especially singers. It could be someone with a similar pitch of Marlou/Xander.

Xander has a clean conscience. He's not the one saying negative remarks to Kathryn. Another black propaganda to put him down despite of his intention to work harmoniously with people and to earn for his family. Stop the hate. XF loves Kathniel.

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