Maine, Kisses, Khalil & more VS Joey De Leon: "Depression is not a joke"

Joey De Leon has provoked criticisms when he said on Eat Bulaga's episode today, October 5, 2017, that depression is "gawa-gawa lang". Maine Mendoza on the other hand is getting praises for taking a stand against her co-host's insensitive statement about depression.

Maine opposes Joey's view on depression (screenshot from the Eat Bulaga! Oct. 5, 2017 episode)

The two were hosting the Eat Bulaga's 'Juan For All, All For Juan' segment when they made opposing views on depression. It was after the "sugod-bahay" winner shared that her mother is suffering depression.

According to Joey, depression is just made up by those who claim they're suffering from such. Maine immediately contradicted his statement by saying that depression is no joke as many people, especially the youth, are experiencing it and must be given support.

Joey: "Yung depression, gawa-gawa lang ng mga tao 'yan. Gawa nila sa sarili nila."

Maine: "Uy pero hindi biro yun ha, yung depression."

Joey: "Aba aba, baket?"

Maine: "Hindi siya joke. Hindi, kasi siyempre maraming nakakaranas ng ganun lalo na sa mga kabataan. Kaya dapat kapag mayroong nakakaranas ng ganun, bigyan natin ng suporta."

Well said, Maine!

Her loveteam partner Alden Richards agreed by saying they need moral support. But the 70-year-old host told the two not to support those people and insisted they're just making up that
thing. He also described depression as "nagpapasosyal lang".

Watch this uploaded video by Twitter user @dryedmangoez to fully understand what happened earlier on Eat Bulaga:

Positive comments pour in for Maine, but it's the opposite for the senior comedian and TV host.

Even celebrities like Kisses Delavin, Khalil Ramos, Jake Ejercito, Alex Diaz, Luis Hontiveros, Giselle Tongi and Bb. Pilipinas-International 2017 Mariel De Leon have also taken a stand against what Joey De Leon has said on Eat Bulaga!

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