Which nominated housemate deserves to stay on PBB Lucky Season 7?

Half of the remaining housemates on Pinoy Big Brother PBB Lucky Season 7 have just been named as this week's nominees for eviction.

Three (3) among Yong, Edward, Christian, Maymay, Kisses and Vivoree are up for eviction (credits to PBB/ABS-CBN)

As announced during last night's episode, housemates Edward Barber, Christian Morones and Maymay Entrata are SAFE from the nomination, while the remaining 3 - Yong Muhajil, Kisses Delavin and Vivoree Esclito - are the nominated housemates who are in danger of getting evicted from the Big Brother house.

Who deserves to stay? To vote, just key in:


and send it to 2366.

While we already know that Kisses could easily win over Vivoree, basing on last week's eviction, it's interesting to know how first-time nominee, Yong, would fare in the voting. Does he have a stronger fan support than both Kisses and Vivoree? Or, will he turn out the weakest? It's all up to the voters.

In my Twitter poll, Kisses is so far leading, followed by Yong.

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