Miss Teen Big Brother 2016 winner is Maria Fabiana from Brazil

Pinoy Big Brother has just held its first ever Miss Teen Big Brother 2016 pageant, with 3 Filipina and 2 Brazilian candidates. Crowned winner was the beautiful Brazilian candidate, Maria Fabiana, who earned an almost perfect score from the judges (9.67).

L-R: 1st Runner Up - Maymay, Miss Teen Big Brother - Maria, 2nd Runner Up - Kisses (credit to ABS-CBN/PBB)

Winner announcement (photo courtesy of ABS-CBN / @PBBabscbn

Congratulations girls!

The judges were Miss Earth 2004 Priscilla Meirelles-Estrada, Miss International 2005 Precious Lara Quigaman-Alcaraz and the beauty queen-maker Jonas Gaffud.

The decision to crown Maria with the title was unanimous as she got the highest score from each of the 3 judges: a perfect 10 from both Jonas and Precious, and a score of 9 from Priscilla.

Named 1st Runner-Up was Kisses Delavin from Masbate, Philippines who was scored 9 by both Jonas and Precious, but got only 7 from Priscilla, for an average of 8

Ranking 3rd Place or 2nd Runner Up was Cagayan de Oro City's pride Maymay Entrata, who got just 5 from Jonas and 8 from both Priscilla and Precious. Her average score was 7.0.

The final Question and Answer (Q&A) Portion with the Top 3 candidates ultimately decided the winner.

Question: What would you say to teenage girls who have low self-esteem?

Maymay: "Ang masasabi ko sa mga girls teen po, sa mga low esteem na girls teen, ang masasabi ko po sa kanila na kahit anong mangyari, na kahit pa tayo ay madapa, babangon at babangon tayo. Dahil kapag naniwala ka sa sarili mo na kaya mong maabot mga pangarap mo, maaabot mo yun. Dahil tayong mga babae ay punung-puno tayo ng pangarap. Yun lamang po at maraming salamat."

Maria: "I would say that I was one of you. And I learned to love myself above everything. Because there's nothing more important than you. You are beautiful, no matter what they say, no matter what you do. You are beautiful and perfect, just the way you are."

Kisses: "Well, I can say to them, well, first, I wanna give them a hug, 'coz I know how it feels like to have insecurities. But what I can say is that they are very strong people. Because the hardest thing is to look in the mirror and be sad about how you look like. But the most important thing is how you get up. So thank you, for being sensitive. That's normal. But how you get up is what matters most. You're beautiful. You're appreciated. You're important. Thank you."

The other 2 candidates, Vivoree Esclito from Bohol, Philippines and Stephanie Vax from Brazil, were already eliminated right before the final Q&A.

In the Top 5, they all had to compete in Long Gown, Sportswear, Talent and Q&A. Scores from those 4 portions were combined to determine the Final 3.

MISS TEEN BIG BROTHER 2016 - Maria Fabiana
1st Runner Up - Kisses Delavin
2nd Runner Up - Maymay Entrata

4th Place - Vivoree Esclito
5th Place - Stephanie Vax

Best in Long Gown - Stephanie Vax
Best in Sportswear - Kisses Delavin
Best in Talent - Vivoree Esclito
Miss Congeniality - Maymay Entrata
Miss Photogenic - Maymay Entrata

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