Billy Crawford and Ryan Bang kiss on the lips: Has MTRCB allowed such scene on live noontime TV?

Fans are beginning to worry about the kiss that happened between Billy Crawford and Ryan Bang on It's Showtime earlier, if it's really allowed to be seen on live noontime TV under MTRCB rules.

Ryan putting lipstick on (courtesy of ABS-CBN)

Ryan about to kiss Billy (courtesy of ABS-CBN)

Billy's reaction after the unexpected kiss (courtesy of ABS-CBN)

It's Magpasikat 2016 edition on Showtime this week, and the group of Billy Crawford and Ryan Bang were first to perform.

In a comedy skit, Ryan had to put lipstick on Billy and he did it by kissing him (MOMOL level!) to the shock of the other Showtime hosts, the live audience, the viewers at home and even Billy himself, who apparently didn't know Ryan was gonna do it to him.

Showtime hosts, Amy Perez in particular, couldn't believe what they saw (courtesy of ABS-CBN)

After their performance, Billy admitted that he didn't expect it to happen.

It was an entertaining and amusing presentation, but some fans are now worried that the Movies and Television Review and Classification or MTRCB might take action against Showtime for allowing such scene. I saw them tweeting about it.

Did they really violate any MTRCB rules?

For Senator Sonny Angara, it was perhaps just fine. He was one of the judges and even jokingly wished to see them doin' it again.

What do you think of the Billy-Ryan kiss? -

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