Jessy Mendiola: "Talo ko pa si Pia Wurtzbach" | Miss Universe reacts!

Jessy Mendiola, the newly-crowned FHM Philippines' Sexiest Woman 2016, is getting much negative comments because of her controversial statement about Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach during her interview at the FHM 100 Sexiest 2016 Victory Party two nights ago.

As she accepted her Sexiest Woman trophy, Jessy was interviewed on stage by Roxee B and had the chance to thank all those who voted for her. She wanted to send out a beautiful message in her interview that "everyone can be sexy", but for some people, she sounded arrogant for saying that she was able to beat Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach.

Photos of Jessy Mendiola and Pia Wurtzbach from their respective IG accounts

Watch this video from Ver Paulino of the Philippine Star and you decide how "grave" what Jessy had said for her to earn those harsh criticisms.

Jessy Mendiola: "Talo ko pa si Pia Wurtzbach 'di ba? Nakakaloka! Nakaka-overwhelming, kung s'ya may "confidently beautiful with a heart" ako sexy! Confidently 'Sexy' with a heart."

Perhaps she didn't mean to compare herself to Pia Wurtzbach, or she probably was just making fun of the moment, but picking Pia or name-dropping just to point out that she has been voted as the Sexiest wasn't cool, especially to people who have been bashing her ever since it came out that she ranks #1 on FHM's annual list. (View: FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women 2016 Full List)

Even her interview backstage also didn't sound good to many, and was interpreted as being arrogant as well. “I’m not the only one who’s being bashed. I’m not the only one who’s being hated. But hell, I’m the sexiest woman right now and I’m just really happy,” Jessy said, as message to her bashers.

I feel sad that being crowned with the FHM Sexiest title is doing more harm than good to Jessy. But it's not too late to redeem herself. She just needs to be extra careful the next time she gets interviewed, choose the right words to say, and of course, by being humble all the time.

Meanwhile, this issue already reached Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach and for her, she finds nothing wrong with what Jessy Mendiola has said.

What I saw was a girl who was just really ecstatic to be given that recognition. 😊 Nothing wrong with that. 👍 Congratulations, Jessy! 💃🏻

Now that Pia is not making a big deal out of it, hope it would be enough to calm the bashers and stop the hate on Jessy. -

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