PBB Lucky Season 7: Elisse Joson reveals "3 Js" ex-boyfriends

Pinoy Big Brother PBB Lucky Season 7 housemate Elisse Joson has confessed on tonight's episode about her "exes" (either officially her boyfriend or just a man she dated), with all their names starting with the letter J.

So, perhaps after knowing that, you quickly guessed James Reid could be one of those 3 Js.

Elisse Joson did not actually name them, but at least gave us an idea who they really are by revealing that all their names start with a "J", as well as other clues that could help us easily guess those who "broke her heart".

The first J is a 6-letter name, and he could be Jerome Ponce. Elisse shared that he and the guy worked together in a project, and her relationship with him lasted for a year. (READ LATEST UPDATE: Elisse Joson's ex-boyfriend Jerome Ponce enters PBB house")

Jerome and Elisse were both part of 'Be Careful With My Heart' in 2013.

Elisse and Jerome together in a scene from 'Be Careful With My Heart'

The second J has a 5-letter name, and she was heavily bashed during that time she was romantically linked to him. This one's possibly James Reid, with whom she co-starred along with Nadine Lustre in 'My App Boyfie' early 2015.

Elisse and James (photo via @JamLisseLOVE on Twitter)

And the 3rd J is the easiest to guess. Three letters, and a member of the Hashtags. It's obviously Jon, her co-star in the maindie film '#Ewankosau Saranghaeyo".

Jon and Elisse (via Jon's IG, @hashtag_donjon)

Both the first and second J had to keep private their relationship with Elisse.

And not like her character in the McDonald's TVC, wherein she's already moved on from a heartbreak, Elisse admitted to Big Brother that she hasn't fully moved on from the pain of breaking up with 1st J. Kuya then advised her to let go already. - Mykiru.ph

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