Was Rachel Gabreza sabotaged on 'TNT sa It's Showtime'?

Rachel Gabreza, the 8-time defending champion on 'Tawag ng Tanghalan sa It's Showtime', surprisingly lost today to the contender from Cavite, Jeremiah "Miah" Tiangco.

Jeremiah's performance of 'Broken Vow' earned for him a score of 92.6%, beating Rachel Gabreza who got 90.0% for her rendition of 'Come on in Out Of the Rain", a song that actually has a history of causing a strong contender to lose to his/her opponent. Remember Sheryn Regis losing to Erik Santos with that same song?

The 18-year-old guy from Cavite was also a great singer, but it wasn't a convincing win for those who think that there was something wrong that happened earlier.

Fans, either on Twitter and Facebook, are claiming that there was a "sabotage" during Rachel's performance. They noticed that the band wasn't playing right, causing Rachel to get lost in her performance. I think the "Bridge" part of the song, which could have highlighted her vocal prowess, was omitted.

Watch it on this video if you missed it:

As a result, she lost to Jeremiah and failed to defend her throne as the defending champion.

Some fans though think that it was Rachel who made a mistake, and not the band.

In an effort to clear things up, as to what really went wrong, judge Yeng Constantino explained in a video posted in her Facebook Page that it was Rachel who made a mistake.

Yeng Constantino explains why Rachel Gabreza lost to Jeremiah Tiangco in Tawag ng Tanghalan #ShowtimeHuweBetMoToVideo via @Yeng Constantino's FB PageRelated Story:Was Rachel Gabreza sabotaged on Tawag ng Tanghalan? => http://www.mykiru.ph/2016/01/was-rachel-gabreza-sabotaged-on-tnt-sa.html

Posted by Mykiru Isyusero on Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rachel would have been the first contender to be elevated to the TNT Hall of Fame if she completed 10 wins. Despite losing today, we'll still see her in the semi-finals along with 5-time defending champion Dominador Alviola Jr from Davao. - Mykiru.ph

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