Tawag ng Tanghalan result sparks outrage among fans

Fans were outraged by today results of 'Tawag ng Tanghalan' when 15-year-old Pauline Agupitan of Batangas, the defending champion, lost to the challenger, 23-year-old Chrisel Joy dela Cruz from Davao.

Tawag ng Tanghalan is the main reason why It's Showtime has been winning the ratings game nationwide vs Eat Bulaga! for 3 days now. But it might experience a dip after today's disappointing results.

Many are loving the new singing search, have started to get addicted to it, and it isn't surprising if it becomes a major problem when one fan favorite ends up the loser.

Just like what happened. Pauline Agupitan instantly won the viewers' hearts after she defeated 5-time defending champion Dominador Alviola yesterday with her outstanding performance of 'All By Myself'.

But today, she failed to defend her place, losing to Chrisel dela Cruz by just 1 point. Pauline performed an unfamiliar song to the judges, the Laarni Lozada song 'Kung Iniibig Ka Nya' - the theme song of a past Kapamilya soap ('Kampanerang Kuba'), while Chrisel, who sounds like KZ Tandingan, did a very familiar song 'Killing Me Softly'.

And the judges favored the one who sang a familiar song, even though most viewers believe Pauline was still the better singer.

Either on Facebook and Twitter, fans stated disappointment and outrage over the results. Pauline should have won, they say, as they use the hashtag #JusticeForPauline. Some even threatened not to watch it anymore because of disappointing results.

Meanwhile, there were also on Chrisel's side, and one of them is singer KZ Tandingan. She defended Chrisel over those saying she shouldn't have won. She said that there are many undiscovered singers in the Philippines because of the so-called "standards" in singing search.

The X Factor Philippines grand winner perhaps wants another one in the same genre as her to win in a contest like Tawag ng Tanghalan. Just like her, Chrisel is also from Davao.

Should Tawag ng Tanghalan change its judges? I think they are being inconsistent in their judging, especially with the "high standards" they keep on telling us. Sometimes they like "birit", sometimes they don't like it.

It wasn't the first time that they made the wrong choice. Many believed that the girl from Cebu, Marielle Montellano, should have won over Tatay Dominador last Tuesday. Others also questioned the results last week, when Margaret Mulholland and Israel Alano lost to Peterson Villarin, as well as when the guy from Quiapo won over the girl who sang 'Help' who was obviously much better.

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