Floyd Mayweather Jr won, Manny Pacquiao got cheated?

Floyd Mayweather Jr defeated Manny Pacquiao, and allegedly the Filipino boxer got cheated, or there was cheating involved as the official score card from the fight apparently showing "reversed scores" has gone viral online.

The Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr fight in Las Vegas yesterday declared the latter as the winner by Unanimous Decision (UD). According to the judges' scorecards, the scores were 116-112, 116-112, 118-110, all favoring Mayweather.

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Hours after the fight, the official score card went viral on the internet when a certain Chris Cooke shared this via Facebook, taking notice that the scores for the 2 boxers might have been reversed.

As shown in the score card, Floyd Mayweather Jr was assigned with "R", meaning red corner, while the letter "B" was put under Manny Pacquiao, when in fact, Manny was the one in red corner, and Floyd was in blue, raising suspicions that the scores were reversed to favor the American boxer and announce him as the winner of the fight.

Chris Cooke: "This is interesting, Pacquiao was the Red corner, Mayweather was the Blue corner, official judges appeared to have given the points to Pacquiao yet result was a reverse, look what is hand written in the bottom of the score card on the right?"

"It seems the judges scored it as it should be but someone or some others decided to announce it the other way around? How could the decision written on the right hand side at the bottom be known or written on that card if the higher points were given to the Red corner (Paquiao) ?," Chris further said in the comments section.

The said photo or post by Chris Cooke has been shared almost half a million times already on Facebook.

While I actually also scored the fight as 116-112 in favor of Floyd Mayweather Jr, the Nevada State Athletic Commission should still clarify on this to prevent further suspicions that the fight was fixed or Manny Pacquiao was cheated, especially now that many boxing fans around the world believe Manny Pacquiao should have been the rightful winner.

Even Manny Pacquiao himself believes he was sabotaged in the fight. Watch this Rappler video to know why he said so.

Was it simply a confusion on the part of the one who made the tally sheet? It could possibly be that the judges simply interchanged the red or blue corner assignment, but still well aware that the left section of each judge's score card is labeled under Mayweather, and the other one is for Pacquiao. - Mykiru.ph

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