Jay-R so hot as Enrique Iglesias, stuns Jed Madela in Your Face PH

Jay-R as Enrique Iglesias in Your Face Sounds Familiar Philippines Week 12, May 30, 2015, wowed Jed Madela and Sharon Cuneta: Jay-R sizzled on YFSF stage as he impersonated Latin heartthrob Enrique Iglesias.

As the performance required, Jay-R had to show off his sexy upper body while singing passionately Iglesia's hit single 'Hero', and he passed it with flying colors. He wowed the judges, particularly Sharon Cuneta and Jed Madela, whose reaction photos are starting to get viral as I post this.

Jay-R as Enrique Iglesias (credit to @YourFacePH)

Jed Madela's reaction to Jay-R as Enrique Iglesias

Sharon Cuneta's reaction

The face, the voice, the body - Jay-R was so Enrique Iglesias, and it's not surprising if he once again will get high scores for Week 12, the last and final week of performances before the grand finals. Watch his performance on this video, if you missed it.

As the highest scorer in the leaderboard, currently with 225 points, Jay-R actually may not exert much effort to do good since his score already assured with a slot in the Final 4 no matter what the Week 12 results are.

Same with Nyoy Volante, who's ranking next to Jay-R, with 224 points, just 1 point behind. He also was very impressive last night, with his impersonation of Luciano Pavarotti.

3 others already performed last night: Jolina Magdangal as young Michael Jackson, Tutti Caringal as Mick Jagger and Maxene Magalona as 'Fancy' singer Iggy Azalea.

Tonight, May 31, the remaining 3 will perform: Melai Cantiveros as Grace Jones, Karla Estrada as Aretha Franklin and Edgar Allan "EA" Guzman as John Legend.

After all their performances, the 4 performers with the highest accumulated points from Week 1 to 12 will be revealed, and will soon compete next in the grand finale showdown.

Melai and EA both with 190 points and Jolina having 181 points are actually the only ones with big chances of making it to the Final 4, while it's already a long shot for Tutti (159 pts), Karla (158 pts) and Maxene (125 pts), not unless they top in Week 12 with 40+ points (but I highly doubt this).

Who among Melai, Jolina and EA will join Jay-R and Nyoy in the finals? Oh no, I love these 3. Can they just make it a Final 5? Melai is my top fave actually, followed by EA. So, I hope they both make it. - Mykiru.ph

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