NBA Finals 2013 Game 7 Spurs Vs Miami Heat: Live Results of NBA 2013 Championship Game

NBA Finals 2013 Spurs Vs Heat Game 7 (Championship Game) Final and Official Results: Miami Heat wins vs San Antonio Spurs, 88-95, to take the NBA Championship for the 2nd consecutive year

NBA Finals 2013 - Spurs Vs Heat series - comes to end Thursday night, June 20, as Game 7 takes place for the 4th and last time at Miami's homecourt, American Airlines Arena (June 21, Fri AM, PH Time).

If Miami Heat wins the 2013 NBA championship, it will be their back-to-back win and their 3rd time ever. But if
it's the veteran San Antonio Spurs, it's gonna be their 5th NBA championship title already.

And who will be the 2013 NBA Finals MVP? Lebron James, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Danny Green are the strong candidates.

Read on for live updates and results of Game 7 Spurs Vs Heat, airing live now on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

*Same Starting 5 for each team: Tony Parker, Danny Green, Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard and Manu Ginobili for the Spurs; Mario Chalmers, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Mike Miller and Lebron James for the Heat

*1st Quarter starts. First ball goes to SA Spurs. And they score the 1st 2 points of the game at 10:47 (by Parker), and Heat's James quickly answers it also with a 2, 18 seconds later.

*Spurs are first to take the lead until scores are tied at 15, 7:46 remaining. Biggest lead was 7 points.

*1st Quarter ends with 16-18 for Miami. Top scorers so far: MI's Shane Battier with 6 points, SA's Leonard with 5 pts.

*In the 2nd Quarter, Heat posts biggest lead of 6 at 5:37. But as of halftime, Heat is only leading by 2. 44-46. Top scorers so far: Lebron with 15 pts, Wade with 14 and Duncan with 13.

*It's still a close game in the 3rd Quarter. Heat finished the quarter with just 1-point lead, 71-72. Lebron now has 28 points and 9 rebounds, while Wade has 18 pts, 8 reb. Duncan on one hand has 17 pts, 9 reb and 4 assists.

*Lebron James hit the 30s at 5:39 of the 4th Quarter, from 29 to 31 points.

*Heat secured their win in the last 36 seconds. From a 2-point lead, they finished with a big 7-point lead. Final Scores: 88-95.

*Miami Heat wins the NBA Championship 2 years in a row.

*Lebron finished with 37 pts, 12 reb, 4 assts. It's worth noting that only 5 players did the scoring the Heat (Lebron, Wade, Battier, Chalmers, Andersen). Bosh and Allen were both score-less.

Watch a video of Lebron James' amazing Game 7 performance: (credit to NBA)

1st Quarter - 16-18
2nd Quarter - 44-46
3rd Quarter - 71-72
4th Quarter - 88-95

San Antonio Spurs - 1Q - 16 pts, 2Q - 28 pts, 3Q - 27 pts, 4Q - 17 pts
Miami Heat - 1Q - 18 pts, 2Q - 28 pts, 3Q - 26 pts , 4Q - 23 pts

Tim Duncan - 24 pts
Kawhi Leonard - 19 pts
Manu Ginobili - 18 pts
Tony Parker - 10 pts
Danny Green - 5 pts
Gary Neal - 5 pts
Boris Diaw - 5 pts
Tiago Splitter - 2 pts

LeBron James - 37 pts
Dwyane Wade - 23 pts
Shane Battier - 18 pts
Mario Chalmers - 14 pts
Chris Andersen - 3 pts

Watch a video recap of the Spurs Vs Heat series (credit to NBA):

Game 1 - Spurs win, 92-88, lead series 1-0.
Game 2 - Heat win, 84-103. Series tied 1-1.
Game 3 - Spurs win, 77-113, lead series 2-1.
Game 4 - Heat win, 109-93. Series tied 2-2.
Game 5 - Spurs win, 104-114, lead series 3-2.
Game 6 - Heat win, 100-103 (OT). Series tied 3-3.
Game 7 - Heat beats Spurs, 88-95, win series 4-3.

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