PBB UnliDAY Shiatsu Massage Video feat. Kim De Guzman and Paco Evangelista

On Pinoy Big Brother UnliDAY episode yesterday, the girl housemates had a relaxing Shiatsu massage from the boys and they loved it for sure. But who really enjoyed the massage? The girls?

Or the boys who gave the massage?

PBB UnliDAY: Kim De Guzman gets a massage from Paco Evangelista

It seemed like one PBB UnliDAY male housemate (Paco Evangelista) who gave a shiatsu massage to the sexy (but already taken) Kim De Guzman was the one who enjoyed it more than the other boys in the house.

Watch a video of the said PBB UnliDAY "Shiatsu Massage" episode, November 10, 2011:

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Video courtesy of ABS-CBN / Uploaded on Youtube by boffogame

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