Andrew Wolff Boracay Scandal


Model actor Andrew Wolff has been caught up in another controversy, this time in Boracay while spending his Holy Week vacation.

According to reports, Andrew and his friend were arrested in Boracay yesterday for allegedly grabbing a gun from Rodolfo Norbe, a security guard at the D'Mall in Boracay.

Andrew Wolff's guy friend named Oleg Galido, which I think is not a model, allegedly was the root cause of all these troubles.

Inquirer Visayas reports that the security guard had admonished Galido at around 3:00 in the morning for repeatedly shouting and calling Wolff's attention near a bar in Hey Jude Boracay Resort.

Wolff later arrived and accompanied Galido inside the Hey Jude bar but the two later came out and accosted Norbe.

Wolff allegedly grabbed Norbe's necktie, slapped it against his face and took his gun. Galido held Norbe while he was allegedly manhandled by Wolff.

Another security guard who was unarmed tried to help Norbe but they were overpowered by the taller and heavier-built Wolff and Galido.

After taking the guard's gun, Wolff and Galido went inside the kitchen of the Hey Jude bar where they stayed until the policemen arrived as security guards were about to force the two to give back the firearm

Both Wolff and Galido were believed to be intoxicated during the incident.

They're now detained at a Boracay police station and will face robbery charges.

This is actually not Andrew's first time to figure into a controversy.

Before, he had a rift with Cesar Montano during a celebrity boxing match, was accused of ganging up on Starstruck Batch 1 member Alvin Aragon and ex-girlfriend Gwen Garci also accused him of physical abuse. Garci also made an accusation that Andrew was a drug user.

Too bad, I thought Andrew is not a "bad wolf" anymore.

Andrew Wolff facing himself in the mirror

As shown in the picture above, Andrew has no one to face but himself, his own worst enemy.

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