PBB Teen Edition Plus: Popularity Poll Update

True Blue Atenean Robi Domingo is still leading the popularity poll that I've conducted since the start of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus.

With 17.4% of 2,025 votes, it's a confirmation that there's a lot of Robilievers out there.

Despite being nominated for eviction tonight, Robi is still has the biggest chance of being included in the Big Four and has a comfortable lead over other housemates.

Coming in close 2nd is Promdi hottie EJay Falcon, who is also a possible contender for the Big 4. His romance with Germany's dazzling doll Valerie Weignmann helps a lot in making his presence felt inside the Big Brother house. Or it's the other way around?

Among the remaining housemates, Nan Clenuar has to make a move in boosting his popularity, with only 2.12%.

Aside from Robi, Jolas Paguia, Josef Elizalde and Rona Libby are also nominated for eviction this week, but who among them is going home tonight?

Based on the poll, which has been held true since the eviction of Jieriel Papa, it could either be Rona or Jolas.

Don't fail to watch PBB Teen Edition Plus 4th Eviction tonight right after Komiks Presents: Mars Ravelo's Kapitan Boom.

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