When Apple first met Collin in 'La Luna Sangre'

MayWard fans just had their happiest Christmas ever when Fil-German hottie Edward Barber finally made his first appearance on La Luna Sangre's Christmas Day episode (December 25, 2017).

Edward of course will play Maymay Entrata's love interest in the hit KathNiel-serye and their first scene together was just so cute, when they introduced each other as Collin and Apple in the most "kilig" way.

When Apple saw Collin's handsome face for the first time

Collin introduced himself: "I'm Collin!"

Apple introduced herself: "A..A..Apple"

Their first body contact.

Apple: "Collin. Apple. CoPple."

Watch that particular scene if you missed to catch it last night:

That's the start of their love story on 'La Luna Sangre', which I think has just entered its 3rd season.

Edward has long been attached to this project, and it's only last night that his character was introduced in perfect timing. - Mykiru.ph

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