Boy who went missing twice becomes viral star after singing 'Till I Met You'

The video of a boy from Bicol singing 'Till I Met You', the theme song from the JaDine teleserye that aired on ABS-CBN for 5 months, is going viral online since it was uploaded on Facebook Sunday night, March 26.

A certain Ivan Ramos uploaded the video in his Facebook profile at 6:24 last night, sharing that the boy named Zildjian James Parma from Polangui, Albay in Bicol traveled to Manila alone to audition for Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids.

Zildjian needed money for his expenses while he is Manila, so he begged Ivan and other customers at a restaurant to let him sing for them.

And they were so amazed after hearing the Bicolano boy sing 'Till I Met You', a classic OPM hit composed and originally performed by Odette Quesada and was later revived by Kyla for the JaDine soap.

Watch and be amazed!
Ivan Ramos' video of Zildjian now has over a hundred thousand likes and shares, as many netizens offered help for the talented kid.

However, the boy's past kinda intrigued me. I tried searching for his name on Facebook and found out that he went missing twice before: first in December 2015 and secondly just last August.

Zildjian nicknamed Biboy first went missing on December 1, 2015. His father Ceasar, who works as a cable installer in Albay, called for help by posting this on Facebook:

3 days later, the father posted that his son already arrived home safe. Apparently, the boy went to Legazpi City alone and mistakenly took a trip to Pasay when he was going home.

Then just last August, Biboy went missing again and a concerned citizen found him and brought him to a police station in Pamplona, Camarines Sur.

While I am hoping his family will make sure he won't travel alone the next time, I also hope Biboy won't stop chasing for his dreams 'coz he really has an amazing talent. Best of luck to you, young boy!

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