Bernard Palanca scandal video leaked, viral online!

Bernard Palanca is the latest Filipino celebrity to be hit by a video scandal after comedian Chokoleit last month.

A 2-minute clip showing a tattoed guy, believed to be actor Bernard Palanca, pleasuring himself using a toy has leaked online this morning. Here's a screenshot from one of the tweets about the alleged Bernard Palanca scandal video in the social media platform Twitter, where the former 'Hunks' member is currently among the top trending topics.

It's hard to know how the video made its way online, or who's responsible for the leak.

Netizens are convinced that the tattoed guy in the video is indeed Bernard Palanca, who appears video-chatting with another while he was doing that private thing. He is heard there uttering these words: “Okay, this better be just for your eyes and just you, and I'm gonna do something...pretty crazy. Not really but...just watch! Just imagine this being you.”

Apart from the video, at least 2 pictures of Bernard wearing nothing while taking a selfie in front of the mirror are also circulating online, pics which possibly were taken on the same day or night as the video.

Before this controversy, the 40-year-old actor was last seen on TV via 'A Love To Last' and in the movie 'How To Be Yours'. -

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