WATCH: Maymay and McCoy's reaction to Cora getting a 'PBB Lucky 7' slot

Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 housemates Maymay Entrata and McCoy De Leon just couldn't hide their dismay and disappointment at Elisse Joson getting evicted last night instead of Cora Waddell.

For the first time ever, a back-to-back nomination and eviction happened on on Pinoy Big Brother. Up for eviction was housemates Kisses Delavin, Yong Muhajil, Elisse and Cora, while the remaining housemates, namely Maymay, Hashtags' Nikko Natividad and McCoy, Tanner Mata and Edward Barber, already took their slots in the Final "Lucky 7" (or Big 7).

After just 7-minute of public voting, the last evictee of the season was revealed and it's Elisse, who only got 12.73% of the votes. Yong, Kisses and Cora, who garnered 41.1%, 26,71%, 19.46% respectively, then completed the "Lucky 7".

Poor Cora, coz she was the last to be called and had to feel that awkward "cold" reaction of both Maymay and McCoy upon knowing she's the one who got the 7th and last Lucky 7 spot.

Maymay, who was close to Elisse, was visibly shocked and couldn't stop crying, while the also visibly shocked McCoy could hardly smile to Cora and was unable to hide his disappointment that his loveteam partner has already left the PBB house.

Cora was later shown reaching out to Maymay and McCoy, and gave them a "beso".

Watch that intense moment on this video:

The Lucky 7 consists of 4 teens, 2 regular housemates and just 1 celebrity (McCoy & Nikko are 2-in-1 housemates).

The 2-night Big Night is already set this coming March 4 and 5. To vote for your Big Winner, just type BB(name of housemate) on your mobile phones and send it to 2366.

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