Vice Ganda criticizes Big Brother, Jinri Park evicted from the PBB house

There are now just 8 remaining housemates on Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 after one got evicted tonight, 2 weeks before the much-awaited Big Night.

Four housemates were up for eviction this week, namely Tanner Mata, Hashtags' McCoy de Leon and Nikko Natividad, Cora Waddell and Jinri Park. And based on the public voting results, it's South Korean housemate Jinri Park who got the least number of votes, just 11.08%, thus becoming the latest evictee of the season.

The Hashtags topped the voting with 36.06%, followed by Tanner with 28.85%, while Cora came in 3rd having 24.02%

Before getting evicted, Jinri was able to survive two evictions.

Meanwhile, before that heartbreaking eviction, it was shown first how the housemates put so much efforts but only to lose in their super hard 2nd Dream Team Challenge. And perhaps comedian - host Vice Ganda sympathized with them when he took to Twitter to criticize Big Brother for being too bossy and the show itself for being like the game show 'Minute To Win It'.

Read Vice's four successive tweets earlier!

I think he was just joking around (coz that's how Big Brother works around the world. BB is the boss!), but he actually has a point. The housemates seemed like being physically and emotionally tortured already by those unimaginable challenges.

The housemates' 3rd Dream Team Challenge will be much more difficult - a live drama presentation for 3 nights without cuts and 2nd take. Well, good luck housemates! -

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