Ylona Garcia says sorry for video of her getting "kissed" by Franco Rodriguez

Ylona Garcia took to Twitter this morning to apologize for the video that briefly went viral yesterday.

Ylona and the other PBB 737 Teen Big 4 housemates Franco Rodriguez, Bailey May and Big Winner Jimboy Martin have just arrived earlier today in Manila after their successful shows in GenSan and Koronadal City when the 2nd Big Placer from Australia made two successive Twitter posts appealing to everyone to stop the bashing and also saying sorry to those who got disappointed. It is in connection with the video uploaded on Twitter yesterday by Ylona's friend Nikz Lagrito.

The video shows Ylona not with loveteam partner Bailey but with Franco in a room chatting thru Skype with Ylona's friend Nikz and Tita Radiant.

@RadiantStarent1: "#YlonaGarcia & #FrancoRodriguez video chatting with Tita Radiant & @nikz_lagrito"

It is in the same video where Franco and Ylona making "kulitan" and the 17-year-old housemate from Albay was seen either trying to make "beso" or steal a kiss from the 13-year-old girl.

While Nikz and Tita Radiant already reiterated that the teens were just having fun, the fans, particularly some of the BaiLona fans, chose to believe Franco attempted to kiss Ylona.

As a result, Franco and the uploader were stormed with really harsh bashing from netizens, and the hashtag #DontMessWithTheBaiLonas even became a top trending topic on Twitter last night. The video was later deleted and Nikz' Twitter profile is now inaccessible.

To prevent the video controversy from getting worse, Ylona has already tweeted an apology over the video, as she tried to pacify the fans from launching World War 4.0 against Franco and Nikz.

@ylona_garcia: "Goodmorning my lovelies 💕 Can we please put the past in the past I am human I am not perfect so is Bailey so is Franco so please stop SORRY!:

@ylona_garcia: "This is relating to any1 who saw that video IM SORRY IF YOU'RE DISAPPOINTED ! please stop fighting SPREAD THE LOVE❤️ We are better than THIS"

Now that Ylona said sorry (even though she shouldn't be), we'll see if the issue will be put to rest already or will still continue until Franco also says sorry as well and until Bailey assures the fans that he's not jealous, that everything is okay on his side.

We can't actually blame the fans for getting too affected whenever they see the 1/2 of a loveteam having a moment with someone else. The KathNiel Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have also gone through like this before (even up to know), but let's hope that the Bailey-Ylona fans will try not to overreact and will listen to Ylona's appeal to spread nothing but just good vibes to everyone.

And perhaps, Franco and even the uploader will also learn from this. They meant no harm actually. They seem to be very nice people, but they need to be careful the next time. - Mykiru.ph

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