Vice Ganda's old photos goin' viral: 'It's Showtime' host in sexy swimsuit

Vice Ganda's old photos, yeah his pictures as Jose Mari Viceral before he became the very popular Vice Ganda, are goin' viral online. Why is that?

Maybe, it's because today is Thursday, #throwbackthursday as they say, and so fans have been posting many photos of the 'It's Showtime' host from way back, probably taken 1 to 2 decades ago.

If you haven't seen yet Vice Ganda wearing swimsuit, now is your chance. Here he is...

Shot during those times he was active in joining gay beauty pageants, the pic is one of the many pictures that have been flooding Twitter
and Instagram.

In fact, the Showtime hosts themselves were teasing Vice about it earlier during the opening of the show that many old pics of Vice are being uploaded online recently.

Out of curiosity, I searched for them on Twitter and found that swimsuit photo as well as these:

And many more...

In all fairness to Vice, he truly has bloomed to a great-looking one
that he is now. -

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