South Korea ferry sinking on the same day as Titanic tragedy 102 years ago

The South Korea ferry sinking last Wednesday, April 16, is being associated with a similar disaster over a hundred years ago, the 1912 Titanic sinking which claimed at least 1,500 lives.

The latest ferry sinking happened in Asia on the morning of April 16, while the Titanic tragedy took place in North America early morning of April 15 in the year 1912.

So if it's the time in North America, both incidents happened on the same month and day - April 15.

Just a mere co-incidence, however we can't help but think about it -
the two ferry disasters both happened on April 15, which last year has
already been dubbed as a tragic day in world history.

Remember, the Boston Marathon bomb explosion in the US which killed 3 and injured 264 people also happened the same day last year.

The South Korean ferry Sewol was heading to the Jeju Island from Incheon when the sinking happened. It was carrying over 400 passengers who were mostly high school students traveling to the island for an

According to the latest Channel News Asia's report, 175 have been rescued, 30 are confirmed dead but over 250 are still missing.

Let's pray for them. It's very heartbreaking to hear about it, especially with many young people onboard.

For someone here in the Philippines, it's saddening to think that the tragedy happened within Holy Week. In our own history, we've had tragic incidents this period, including the AJ Perez car accident on Palm Sunday (April 17) 3 years ago.

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