Ram Revilla - Janelle Manahan video scandal leaks as 2012 nears

Video scandal of Ram Revilla and Janelle Manahan has been leaked and is now everywhere on the internet.

Ram Revilla and Janelle Manahan photoRam Revilla(aka RamGen Bautista) died in October 29 and 2 months after, a video scandal of him and girlfriend Janelle has been released.

Is this the best way to commemorate Ram's 2nd month death anniverary?

Definitely not, and it must be stopped, to pay respect to Ram.

Links to the video are circulating on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and on different video downloading sites, but the video is no longer accessible in most of them. Good!

(For blogging purposes, I only tried to check if the videos are still working and not because I've been dying to watch it. Just wanna make that clear.)

And I hope, before the New Year 2012 comes, all copies of the video will be totally removed from the web.

The short video, which shows Ram Revilla and Janelle Manahan doing a thing in the shower, runs for almost a minute (54 seconds) and it says that it's under "R-Breezy Production".

Janelle’s lawyer Argee Guevarra told the Philippine Star today that his client has confirmed she and Ram are indeed the couple in the video, and that it was stored in RamGen's computer.

Who leaked the video? Atty. Guevarra is pointing fingers to Ram's own family. "This video represents the second assassination of Ramgen and second frustrated murder of Janelle orchestrated and masterminded by the Bautista household," Guevarra told The Philippine Star.

But the Bautista family's lawyer Jeffrey Gepte has denied the accusation. “It’s absurd to blame the family because it’s a private matter between Ramgen and Janelle. So it would be very absurd for the whole Bautista family to know about it," he said.

I'm waiting for Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr's reaction on this video of his half-brother RamGen and Janelle.

Remember, in 2009, Sen. Bong condemned Hayden Kho Jr for recording scandalous videos with different women, including Katrina Halili. He accused Hayden as the one who released the videos online.

Photo courtesy of Janelle Manahan

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