PBB Ratings: Teen Edition Plus Big Night beats 2006 edition

The Big Night of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus, with Ejay Falcon as the Big Winner, posted an amazing 33.8% ratings beating that of the 1st teen edition, which had Kim Chiu as the Big Winner.

The said ratings ranks 3rd among the PBB shows aired by ABS-CBN since 2005.

December 10, 2005 Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 41.2%
June 30, 2007 Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 34.3%
June 7, 2008 Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus 33.8%
January 05, 2008 Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 32.3%
June 03, 2006 Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 1 28.5%
April 01, 2006 Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 1 27.6%

When it comes to the total votes cast, the Big Night of PBB Teen Edition Plus also posted the 2nd highest totals in the history of Pinoy Big Brother.

Season 2 5,187,414 total votes
Teen Edition Plus 1,710,145
Celebrity Edition 2 1,573,938
Teen Edition 1 1,512,218
Celebrity Edition 1 1,292,821
Season 1 1,134,185

However, it should be the the highest number ever, since the voting was done only in a span of one week unlike in Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, where votation was held for two weeks.

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