Pacquiao vs Diaz boxing match

Filipino boxer Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao will be up again to snatch another major boxing title as he faces WBC Lightweight Champion David Diaz of Mexico on Saturday evening, June 28, 2008 (Sunday morning in Manila) at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Will Pacquiao make history again and give another honor to the Philippines?

At this point, I think bets are already in for the said boxing fight, expectations have been made and predictions are all on hand as to who between Pacquiao and Diaz will be the champion.

Here's what sport writers and analysts have to say:

John Nguyen of The Sweet Science
Diaz and Pacquiao will fight on fairly even terms early, as Pacquiao adjusts to fighting a larger foe as well as his first southpaw opponent in several fights. A tenacious and adrenaline-filled Diaz might even have some success crowding Pacquiao and making things ugly. As the fight wears on, though, Pacquiao's greater speed and sharper punching will create more distance, as Diaz struggles to find Plan B. With no answers, Diaz will be reduced to plodding forward, lunging in with the occasional ineffective lead left hand. Pacquiao, meanwhile, will continue to pepper the outclassed Diaz. While it wouldn't be surprising to see a stoppage late, it might be even more likely to see Freddie Roach advise his fighter to cruise down the stretch with the fight well in hand.

Manny's lightweight debut will be a smashing success.

Tim Starks of MVN
Pacquiao is gonna knock out Diaz in the middle rounds. Tough as Diaz is, Pacquiao is plenty tough himself, and way better overall. He should be fairly easy pickings. Figure it this way: A very faded Morales — there were reports that his ears rang with every punch — almost beat Diaz, even though Morales had moved up from 130 lbs. exactly as Pacquiao is doing. Pacquiao’s roughly in his prime. I don’t know if Pacquiao’s power is going to carry as well at 135, and his trainer, Roach, has questioned whether it will. But Pacquiao should have more than enough for Diaz’s poor noggin. The quicker he gets Diaz out of there, the more convinced I will be of Pacquiao’s lightweight experiment.

Gerry Cacanindin of Inner Sanctum
This is a non-scientific, non expert opinion but I feel that Manny Paquiao is destined for greatness when one is to consider his humble beginnings.

So, no question. Manny Pacquiao by KO in uhmm...six rounds.

James Slater of East Side Boxing
Many people see "Pac-Man" stopping Diaz quickly. I see a much tougher fight for Pacquiao. Making his lightweight debut, Manny may find himself having to answer some hard questions in the fight. Will Pacquiao's power still be as formidable at 135 pounds? Will his speed be affected? Will the weight of a lightweight's punching power affect him? All will soon be told. Look for Manny to have his hands full as he collects a close decision win.

hingedman of Sports Alchemist
Pacquiao and Diaz know what’s in stake this Saturday. A win for either of them will turn tides. Pacquiao will be bringing his speed and power and David will pack his resilience and determination to battle against Pacquiao. This fight will not last long. David will be carrying his heart for the fight while Pacquiao is carrying a country and his future.

Both fighters deserve to be the victor but there can only be one winner… I love Diaz but with Manny not draining himself for the fight I expect a blitzkrieg Manny doing volumes of punches. Diaz maybe an underrated underdog that exceeds expectations one punch can make a difference but this time he stays an underdog.

Manny by 6

Michael David Smith of AOL Sports
I guess I'm in the minority, because while I expect Pacquiao to win, I think Diaz is going to give Pacquaio a good, competitive fight Saturday night -- and I think it's way too soon to be talking about fighting Marquez again.

As of latest updates...
Manny Pacquiao won over David Diaz via a 9th round knockout. Manny becomes the very first Filipino and Asian to win four world titles.

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