Jennifer Barrientos is Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2008


Jennifer Tarol Barrientos will represent the Philippines in the 2008 Miss Universe happening this July in Vietnam. Will she finally end the country's 8-year drought in the said pageant? Or will she win a 4th consecutive Miss Photogenic award for the Philippines?

Jennifer, 22 and stands 5'8", is a Tourism graduate at the University of Sto. Tomas.

Winning Question & Answer Portion:
Whose advice do you usually seek first when you have a problem, your parents or your friends, and Why?
"I seek the advice of my family first because I believe they know me better than my friends. They're, they were there when I was born, they were there when I grew up, and they were, I know they will be there when I succeed and..and if, if ever I will achieve the big thing, it will be for them. So, I seek the advice of my parents more than my friends. Thank you, Sir."

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10 Comment(s):

  1. the pageant requires beauty and posture not the answer!!! theres so much beautiful on the said event but why she? expect no awards she will get,,on ms Unvrse stil wer drought ths year i hope she can make it,,,

  2. sory 4 this ms unvrse seeks frst the exotic beauty of the cnddtes and the way she classified.and i thnk she cnnot mke it hope evrybdy will know this!!!!!!!!

  3. someone mocked up Jennifer's answer. this is not what she really said that night. i personally think she deserves the crown. she's not "magaslaw", not trying hard to wave and walk and i can trully say that she's elegant. plus her good personality and being Christian will even boost her great looks. feel so sorry for her detractors... you guys have so many insecurities in your hearts, i pity you.. perhaps you should consult a psychiatrist or seek an advice from a priest/pastor and try to change your damn attitudes toward a great person who hasn't done anything wrong but to fulfill her dream without jeopardizing anyone. SERIOUSLY, JENNIFER DESERVES IT!!! and so does number 2!

  4. jennifer barrientos is the most kind-hearted down-to-earth and humble person anyone can ever know. her answer is the best and real answer i've heard so far... she doesnt try too hard, she doesnt brag and most of all she values life being a Christian. you certainly dont know jennifer but being her friend, and being in the same volleyball team, she was a perfect captain leading us in everyway.. i bet you she will bring pride to the Philippines wen she goes to vietnam and i will be the first one to laugh at u if you stil think she doesnt deserve it. she's got both Beauty and Brains and for that i am proud to be her friend.. :) - riokristine -

  5. anonymous, it's "why her?", not "why she?"..ok? hahaaa!

  6. Oh cry me a river ... Oh cry me a river ...

  7. sgrab nman if nman k ga2ling nyo.try to look at urself first b4 mking coment....hmmmmmmmmm
    as if nman prfct wat kng gnon cya wla n b cyng ryt to prove herself.....mga tsaka..

  8. i like her, she looks kind-hearted.

    mga bakla, i've heard shes got a lover from down under daw! interesting. ano kaya name?

  9. im sure mayaman itong boylet na ito at syempre gwapito. just like every other guys na pinapatulan ng mga beauties na gaya nya. down under? is that australlia? oh my god like so fetch naman siguro this guy noh. i wana see him. anyone? leak naman!

  10. Our country should send someone Marian Rivera! She's very beautiful and she has that child- like charm and carefree attitude that set Miss universe 2007 Riyo Mori apart from the others.