Jerome Alacre joins Fifth & BB Gandanghari in the club, admits he's a gay man on PBB Lucky Season 7

Jerome Alacre has confessed he's a gay man on Pinoy Big Brother PBB Lucky Season 7.

Jerome Alacre joins Fifth Solomon and BB Gandanghari (formerly Rustom Padilla) in the club of housemates who outed themselves while inside the Pinoy Big Brother house

Dubbed as the Overseas Filipino Warrior ng Tondo, Jerome Alacre, 32, made the suprising gay admission in front of his fellow housemates during their New Year's Eve party.

"Aura, Cora, Baninay, Tanner, Wil...I am a gay man," Jerome admitted to his co-housemates, who were visibly shocked but looked delighted to hear that and later gave Jerome a group hug.

"I'm proud and I'm happy gay," Jerome told Big Brother in the Confession Room.

I was also surprised by Jerome being gay, 'coz he didn't show traces to be suspected as such, except that one scene though - his gay-ish reaction when he saw his mom inside the Confession Room.

In past editions of PBB, two housemates also made gay or bisexual admission, such as Rustom Padilla aka BB Gandanghari during Celebrity Edition 1 and Fifth Pagotan during PBB All In edition.

Bebe Gandanghari is now legally and officially FEMALE in the US."On November 16, 2016, the superior court of Orange County has decreed, set in stone if I may say so, that BINIBINI GANDANGHARI, a resident of the United States of America is LEGALLY and OFFICIALLY Female. Praise be to my GOD whose guidance I have sought and still seeking as I go thru my transition. GOODBYE RUSTOM, my former self and my soulmate. You may rest now. And HELLO BB. Welcome to the world! May my GOD bless this soul... life! Cheers!!! 🍾💁💋❤️#ADAMTOEVE", she posted on Instagram, @gandangharibb. -

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