Empress Schuck pregnant, Vino Guingona is the father

Empress Schuck is confirmed pregnant! On Startalk earlier, Empress made a big confession on her pregnancy and the identity of her boyfriend who impregnated her.

On the same day news came out that Marian Rivera is pregnant, former child star Empress Schuck meanwhile also ignited pregnancy rumors yesterday, and spoke up about it in today's episode of GMA 7's 'Startalk', the longest-running showbiz-oriented program in the country.

Empress Schuck, who currently stars in the GMA daytime soap "Kailang Ba Tama Ang Mali?" was the one being referred to in Startalk's teaser which said, "Batang Aktres na napapanood ngayon sa isang Soap Opera, matapang na ilalantad ang kanyang Pagdadalantao!"

Empress Schuck being pregnant shocks me because I never knew she has a boyfriend. In an interview last February, she denied having a boyfriend. So, who's the baby's father?

Don't you worry Albie Casiño. It's not you, as he is Empress' secret boyfriend for 1 year now. She revealed on Startalk that her non-showbiz bf is named Vino Guingona, a family friend from Zamboanga and also the grandson of former Vice President Teofisto Guingona Jr.

Empress, who just turned 22 last February, is just another unmarried actress who's still young to have a baby. She's even younger to get pregnant than Melissa Ricks, who already gave birth last January. But she is at least older than Andi Eigenmann, who was impregnated 4 years ago at age 20.

Late last year, Empress made this surprising network transfer, from ABS-CBN to GMA, for better career opportunities, but here she is, being reported in the news as pregnant, only 2 months after her comeback soap (Kailan Ba Ang Tama Ang Mali) premiered on GMA 7.

But a baby is (will always be) a blessing anyway, so it's still something to be thankful for. - Mykiru.ph

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