NBA Playoffs 2013: Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers Game 4 Live Results and Scores

Latest Update: Indiana Pacers win Game 4 against the Miami Heat, 92-99, to tie series at 2-2.

Previous Updates: Who will prevail in Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs 2013 Eastern Conference Finals (Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers), which is happening right now, May 28, 2013, at Indiana's Bankers Life Fieldhouse (May 29 Mla time, airing via satellite on ABS-CBN).

The Miami Heat currently leads the Best of 7 series, 2-1. Will they make it 3-1? or will the Pacers pull even with the Heat?

Let's all find it out as I blog the live scores and results of the very exciting Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers Game 4.

The Indiana Pacers started so strong, posting an 11-point lead over the score-less Miami Heat during the first 2 minutes of the 1st quarter. The Miami Heat were only able to score when Lebron James hit 2 free throws at 8:48.

But as the game progresses, Miami Heat managed to recover and were just 1-point behind the Pacers at halftime, 47-48.

Early in the 3rd quarter, the Miami Heat continued strong showing, making more successful shots than the Pacers whose score was stuck at 54 for 2 minutes. At 7:35 of the 3Q, The Heat now leading by 6 points, 60-54.

But the Miami Heat slowed down in the middle of 3rd quarter (Lebron James and Chris Bosh both missed 3-point shot attempts) and the lead went back to the Pacers, 60-61 (at 5:35).

3rd Quarter ended with Indiana Pacers leading by 7, 70-77.

4th Quarter in progress. Both teams made many successful attempts in hitting the basket, and a 3-point shot by Lebron James at 6:15 tied the score at 83. And a layup by Dwayne Wade at 5:57 put the Miami Heat back on the lead, 86-85.

After 1 free throw by Paul George of the Pacers and a 3-point shot by Ray Allen from the Heat, scores are now 89-86, with less than 5 minutes left.

What an exciting game! With 3:28 minutes remaining, scores now tied at 89, after 2 free throws from David West and a 19-foot jumper from Lance Stephenson, both from the Pacers.

Last 2 minutes! Pacers lead by 2, after a layup by Roy Hibbert, and it further went up to 5 after another layup and a free throw by Hibbert. 89-94.

Lebron James made a 3-point shot with just 1:20 minutes left in the game, but not enough to secure their win tonight. With only 36 seconds left, scores are 92-96.

Game over. Final Scores: 92-99. Indiana Pacers tie series 2-2.

1st Quarter - 22-26
2nd Quarter - 47-48
3rd Quarter - 70-77
4th Quarter - 92-99

Miami Heat - 1Q - 22 pts, 2Q - 25 pts, 3Q - 23, 4Q - 22
Indiana Pacers - 1Q - 26 pts, 2Q - 22 pts, 3Q - 29, 4Q - 22

LeBron James - 24 pts
Mario Chalmers - 20 pts
Dwyane Wade - 16 pts
Ray Allen - 11 pts
Chris Bosh - 7 pts
Udonis Haslem - 6 pts
Shane Battier - 4 pts
Norris Cole - 4 pts

Roy Hibbert - 23 pts
Lance Stephenson - 20 pts
George Hill - 19 pts
David West - 14 pts
Paul George - 12 pts
Sam Young - 6 pts
Tyler Hansbrough - 3 pts
Ian Mahinmi - 2 pts

Now that the series tied at 2-2, the Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers Game 5 scheduled Thursday (Friday Philippine time) will be a lot more exciting.

Next NBA Game Schedule: Game 5 - May 30, Game 6 - June 1 and Game 7 - June 3 (May 31, June 2, June 4 Philippine Time).

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