Paulo Avelino Bench photo scandal heats up the net

Paulo Avelino is heating up the internet recently because of his underwear photos for BENCH Return To Tempation ad campaign.

Paulo is definitely so hot in those photos, and even far hotter than the others who've been endorsing Bench for many years now.

But it's turning out to be controversial because one of those pics showed a bit of his "eggnog".

Yeah, as in, when you zoom in the picture many times, you can really see that something almost popped out.

Take a look at his Bench photos: (Sorry I have to cover the one that pops out. It's not safe heheh)

Paulo Avelino underwear

Paulo Avelino Bench Return to Temptation

Paulo Avelino photo scandal

Accidental or Intentional?

I think it's not intentional.

Paulo probably was totally unaware that it was coming out already as he did his sexy poses for the said Bench ads.

The photo is spreading already and being feasted on by online users.

Photos courtesy of Bench / GMA 7's Showbiz Central


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