Gerald Santos, not moving to ABS-CBN

The news about Gerald Santos transferring to ABS-CBN was a BIG LIE.

Last March, it was reported on different web sites that Gerald Santos
will be joining ASAP XV on ABS-CBN. But the month of April has passed,
no Gerald Santos was launched in the show.

Last Sunday, Gerald was seen on GMA's Party Pilipinas and that belied
reports of his supposed transfer.

On Unang Hirit this morning, it has been reported that Gerald Santos
will now be a regular performer on Party Pilipinas. And that means,
he's not gonna transfer to the Kapamilya network.


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Akihiro Sato and girlfriend

Akihiro Sato revealed before on GMA 7's Showbiz Central - Don't Lie To Me segment that he has a Brazilian girlfriend, who is still a student and visits him occasionally.

So, eto kaya 'yung sinasabing girlfriend niya?

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Martin Del Rosario as Samantha on MMK

Martin Del Rosario plays his most challenging role to date, as a gay man Samantha in a special presentation of MMK 18 this coming Saturday, May 1, 2010, on ABS-CBN.

Martin plays a gay sampaguita vendor there along with Alwyn Uytingco and the already gay IC Mendoza.

Pang-Best Actor to for the cutie Martin Del Rosario!

Watch trailer:

Photos and video courtesy of ABS-CBN

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'Here Comes The Bride' movie poster, trailer and stills

'Here Comes The Bride' is a co-production of Star Cinema, Octo Arts Films & Quantum Films and I think it's the first time ever that Star Cinema is co-producing with (not just one but) two other film outfits.

Angelica Panganiban and Eugene Domingo lead the wacky cast, also composed of John Lapus, Tuesday Vargas and Jaime Fabregas.

I've seen the trailer and it's already funny.

Being introduced in the film is Pinoy Big Brother Double Up ex-housemate Tom Rodriguez.

Also starring are Cherry Pie Picache, Johnny Revilla, Bart Guingona, Ricky Rivero, Ricci Chan, Madeline Nicolas, Carizza 'Cai' Cortez, Ayen Munji, Neil Ryan Sese, Timothy Lambert Chan, Nico Antonio and with the special participation of Kuya Kim Atienza.

It's directed by Chris Martinez (the director of '100' and writer of 'Kimmy Dora').

I'd definitely watch this movie!

Watch trailer:

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PBB's Jovic Susim Sexy Pictures

Here are some pictures of Jovic Susim, the newest housemate of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010, not so sexy, but pwede na....

Bonus Picture: Si Jovic, nanghihiram daw ng brief? How true?

John Victor M. Susim or simply Jovic is a student of De La Salle College of St. Benilde taking up Consular and Diplomatic Affairs. Wow!

Photo Credits: Jovic on Multiply and hardcore69

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Patrick Sugui and Yong Gopez Subuan Session

What's this? PBB Teen Clash housemate Patrick Sugui, sinusubuan si Yong Gopez?

Ang sweet ha!

But don't be alarmed guys, as Patrick is just doing a task (or maybe as punishment) and that is to be a servant for Yong.

And Patrick isn't the only one who has to be a servant. Other servants for a day are Yen Santos and Ivan Dorschner.

Screenshots courtesy of segway23/PEX

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Jovic Susim, new housemate on PBB Teen Clash 2010

PBB Teen Clash 2010 has welcomed its newest housemate.

17-year-old Jovic Sael or Jovic Susim has entered the PBB house as replacement for Eslove Briones who got evicted last night and the housemates were delighted to see the very tall Jovic.

Take a look at these screenshots, does he look gay? Or maybe he's just acting out.

Screenshots courtesy of segway23 of PEX

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'Cowboys in Paradise' Scandal in Bali

In Bali, Indonesia, 28 boys at a beach were arrested yesterday just because they are being suspected as gigolos or prostitutes.

It's actually an effort by the Balinese officials to clean up the image of Bali after being depicted as a 's-x tourism destination' in a documentary film.

The docu "Cowboys in Paradise" by a Singapore-based Indian director Amit Virmani tells about foreign women (mostly Japanese) who travel to Bali to search for a paradise, but only to find it in the company of Balinese gigolos called 'Kuta Cowboys'. Wow!

It was shown last week at the DMZ Documentary Film Festival in South Korea and the people from Bali have felt that the docu has ruined the image of Bali.

According to reports, the arrested 28 boys have been put into questioning but no one has admitted they're doing escort service to female tourists. (Maybe they have arrested the wrong people.)

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Piolo Pascual is very much alive and not dead!

Please don't believe the maliscious text messages and online rumors
stating that Piolo Pascual is dead.

Those are claiming that Piolo has died in New Zealand after he fell
off a building, which is so untrue.

Star Magic has issued an official statement tonight stating that Piolo
Pascual is very much alive and kicking. It said that Piolo is
currently undergoing a training in Subic as preparation for her next

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Fatima College video scandal leaked on Facebook

It's not the Our Lady of Fatima University we have here in the Philippines
but it's the Fatima College in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.

Trinidad & Tobago is facing another video scandal after the 'Miss
Trinidad & Tobago Universe Video Scandal' last November.

The said video leaked on Facebook last weekend and it's very
disturbing because it involves two male teenagers, probable age 13 to
15, doing a gay act not fitted for their age. They're wearing
their school uniform in the video and allegedly, it happened at the
bathroom of their school. One of the two tweens is wearing eyeglasses, probably one of the 'brainy' in their class?

And they are reportedly identified as high school students from Fatima College,
a prestigious and exclusive-for-boys Catholic school in Trinidad &

The Trinidad Guardian newspaper has reported online that the two
students have been suspended in school last Monday.

The video has brought out warring groups on Facebook, some are
condemning and blaming the school, some are pushing for s*x education
while others appeal for close guidance by parents.

It's actually an eye opener not only for the people from Trinidad &
Tobago but also for the world because it happens anywhere. Schools and
the parents really have to monitor their students/kids and make sure
they won't be exposed to any temptation.

I have a question for you guys: Are exclusive schools for boys or for
girls most likely exposed or prone to homos*xuality?

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Obama Entertainment Club opens in China

The Obama Entertainment Club successfully opened (just a soft opening) las Monday, April 26, 2010, in Shanghai, China.

Yes, it's apparently named after the US President Barack Obama but obviously not endorsed by Obama.

Notice the Obama club official logo, it has a pink leg of a woman on the letter O, and that probably hints what to expect in Obama club.

Those who came reportedly were disappointed that they didn't find the pink-legged woman there but they were convinced that it boasts of a very wide and spacious dance floor.

Entertainers were of all sort, including singers, breakdancers, pole dancers and ladies in bikini.

It's also interesting that the VIP Rooms located at the club's 2nd floor were named after the US cities like Miami, Boston etc.

Obama Entertainment Club aims to become the biggest night club and the #1 hot spot in Shanghai, China.

It's not surprising if we could see non-Chinese entertainers there in the future, just like the clubs in Japan, Singapore, etc.

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25 kissing scenes in Richard-Anne movie

That's the central topic during the solo presscon for Richard Gutierriez yesterday.

Richard Gutierrez and Anne Curtis reportedly have 25 kissing scenes in their upcoming movie under GMA Films and Viva Films.

And also revealed during the presscon that Richard and Anne, who were once bf-gf, will have their very first bed scene ever in a movie.

Tabloid writer Jun Nardo of Abante (as published on asked Chard if he already saw Anne's controversial video on the internet.

Chard said, "Alin? Wardrobe malfunction? Oo, eh, pinakita sa 'kin pero gumanon (umiwas) ako agad. Ha! Ha! Ha! Nakita ko po medyo lang kasi nga gumanon agad ako! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

If you analyze his answer, he asked first which video 'coz probably he has been aware that Anne also has another video on the web, the kissing video of him and Anne (first photo above) especially as the movie playdate comes nearer.

And because the ex-lovers are reunited in the movie, it can't be avoided that the said video will be revived and brought up once more.

At alam nyo ba? The said video that I'm referring to is already among the All-Time 100 Most Viewed Video under Entertainment Category on Youtube.

It was uploaded on June 5, 2007 titled 'Richard and Ann after s-x' now has 14.8 million views and 1,939 comments. Bka 'kaw na lang di nakakapanood?

Goodluck to Anne and Chard for their movie 'In Your Eyes' with Claudine Barretto!

Photos courtesy of PEX/Richard-Anne thread

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It's Eslove Briones! - Forced Eviction

Kuya will impose a 'forced eviction' for the jolly-go-lucky guy Eslove Briones from Tawi-Tawi.

And the reason? Eslove jokingly pointed a knife to Tricia Santos at the kitchen. He even joked, "Pag nademonyo ako dyan, cge ka!"

Yes, it was actually a joke but for Kuya, not a good joke. As stated in the rule book of PBB, any housemate who becomes violent or has the tendency to be violent will be removed from the house immediately.

Tsk tsk tsk! For sure, a lot of viewers will be sad to hear it as Eslove brings 'life' in the house is one of the well-loved housemates this edition.

It's even more unfortunate coz Eslove will be celebrating his birthday this Friday and that one would the worst birthday gift ever for Eslove.

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PBB Forced Eviction: Will it be Eslove Briones or Shey Bustamante?

It seems like Shey Bustamante is not the only 'candidate' for a
possible forced eviction tonight on PBB Teen Clash 2010 as Eslove also
did something which could mean a forced eviction for him.

Posted below are the lines Shey and Eslove heard and seen over the
24/7 live feed. Not exactly the words they say, but it's what the
thought of what they said.

ESLOVE TO TRICIA: "Masasaksak kita sa sobrang inis ko. Inis na inis na
'ko sa 'yo."

SHEY TO DEVON: "Ramdam ko sa nomination, grupo natin 'yung iboboto
nila...tapos tayo...basta 'yung grupo nila ang iboboto natin...pero
gets mo ang sinabi ko? dun tayo magvote sa kabila..."

Now you judge which housemate should be given a forced eviction. Or
will it be another housemate other than Shey and Eslove?

We shall know it tonight on PBB Teen Clash 2010. Stay tuned for updates!

[Special thanks to fiona cruz and eNjA of PEX for the quotes from Shey
and Eslove]

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Another 'Forced Eviction' on PBB Teen Clash 2010

I told you guys this morning that two housemates of PBB Teen Clash
2010 were caught on 24/7 having a convo about nomination.

Tonight, Kuya will make an announcement as to who will be given a
'forced eviction'.

And it's most likely that the Diskarte Bombshell of Mindoro Shey
Bustamante will be the one to hear such bad news because on 24/7, she
was caught trying to influence Devon Seron of who should she nominate
next. And Devon probably might just get an automatic nomination
because she was also caught contributing to the convo.

It would be the second time that Kuya will enforce a forced eviction.
Last Saturday, Maichel Fideles was also force evicted because of
repeated violations.

But the good part of it is that, a new housemate might enter the house soon.

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Maricar Reyes endorses Pantene Conditioner

Maricar Reyes is back as an endorser, this time for Pantene Conditioner.

I just saw Maricar's TV Commercial for Pantene Total Care Conditioner
and it's actually a 'Testimonial TVC' where Maricar is giving a
testimony on how effective the product is. Also endorsing Pantene with
Maricar in the TVC is Angelica Panganiban.

It's Maricar's first TVC after she got involved in the 'Hayden Kho
Video' controversy almost a year ago. Remember that her commercials
back then were pulled out because of being dragged to that issue. She
also didn't have a new TV endorsement after that even if she has
redeemed herself and established herself as a promising actress.

And now, thanks to Pantene for re-launching her as a TV endorser and
hopefully, more endorsements to come.

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3 ABS-CBN daytime shows rated higher than GMA's Party Pilipinas last Sunday

Three ABS-CBN shows in the daytime slot last Sunday have topped the
ratings competition in Mega Manila, based on the figures released by
AGB Nielsen.

'Matanglawin', which had its 2nd Anniversary episode and also featured
Kuya Kim got bitten by a monitor lizard, posted a rating of 12.2%.
Then ASAP XV topped the race with 15.5% and the pilot of Gimik 2010
had 11%.

All those three rated higher than GMA's Party Pilipinas, which had
10.4% and settles in 4th place. It's already the show's lowest rating
ever since its debut last March 28.

1. ASAP XV (ABS-CBN) 15.3%
2. Matanglawin (ABS-CBN) 12.2%
3. Gimik 2010 (ABS-CBN) 11% -pilot
4. Party Pilipinas (GMA) 10.4%
5. Showbiz Central (GMA) 9.1%
6. The Buzz (ABS-CBN) 8.6%
7. Dear Friend (GMA) 8.2%
8. Zooperstars (GMA) 7.1%

1. Pilipinas Got Talent (ABS-CBN) 22.3%
2. Kap's Amazing Stories (GMA) 19.5%
3. Rated K (ABS-CBN) 19.4%
4. 24 Oras (GMA) 18.6%
5. Mel & Joey (GMA) 17.9%
6. Pepito Manaloto (GMA) 17.7%
7. Goin' Bulilit (ABS-CBN) 14%
8. Show Me Da Manny (GMA) 13.3%
9. Sharon (ABS-CBN) 12.2%
10. PBB Teen Clash 2010 (ABS-CBN) 11.6%

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Sarah Geronimo's "Laban" pic taken 3 years ago

Fans of Sarah Geronimo have clarified on Twitter that the picture of
Sarah Geronimo in a yellow shirt and flashing the "Laban" sign was an
old photo, and not a new one.

According to them, it was taken 3 years back during Sarah's 19th
birthday celebration with her fans. It was uploaded on the internet
last July 27, 2007 to be exact at Forums.

You can still find it there. Just log on and look for the thread
"Sarah's 19th Birthday Celebration with the Popsters" Page 20 or go to
this link:

And that clears things up. Fans are hoping that malicious minds will
no longer make a big issue out of it.

Some of the fans have also tweeted support for Sarah and defended her
in this controversy and here's just two of them:

roundrs: "It was not intentional. B-day kasi nya yun and saka yung
supporters niya kulay yellow ang gusto. Aliw nga at nakisali siya eh".

ashlloydbaldiks: "Sarah's working hard and did not harm anyone. She
deserves the word RESPECT from all of us."

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Housemates Shey and Devon might get an 'Automatic Nomination' this Sunday

PBB Teen Clash 2010 housemates Shey Bustamante and Devon Seron were
caught in 24/7 Live Feed the other night having a conversation about
the nomination thingy, which is a major violation in Kuya's rule book.

Shey started the conversation out of being worried that the housemates
from the Apartment might nominate the Villa housemates in the next
nomination since the two teams have already been merged in just one
house starting last Sunday.

Devon agreed to Shay and even mentioned about Joe Vargas being caught
in between the two groups.

Shey was like trying to convince Devon that they, Villa housemates, in
turn should also nominate the housemates from the Apartment.

Will they be given an automatic nomination? Or a forced eviction for
Shey? We shall see this Sunday.

Talking about the nomination is a serious offence in PBB. In its rule
book, it states that any direct or indirect discussion about the
nomination outside the confession room is strictly forbidden.

In PBB Double Up, Princess Manzon was given an automatic nomination
when she once mentioned about who she nominated. And also in PBB
Celebrity Edition 2, Jon Avila was forcibly evicted when he influenced
his co-housemates in the nomination process.

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Sarah Geronimo in YELLOW shirt picture

Oh no! What's this photo of Sarah Geronimo wearing a yellow shirt? Is she now endorsing Noynoy Aquino?

And the photo also shows Sarah flashing an 'L' sign, which is a symbol of 'Laban' by the Aquino family.

The photo has been uploaded by ABS-CBN reporter Marie Lozano on and according to Marie, Sarah's camp is claiming that it's photo edited and Sarah still supports the Manny Villar-Loren Legarda tandem.

It looks so real, but it's most likely photoshopped. Probably Sarah's head has just been pasted there. What do you think?

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Sandra Seifert, Ms. PAGCOR 2010

A surprising twist happened Saturday night when Miss Philippines Earth 2009 Sandra Seifert, who passed on her crown to Kris Psyche Resus as Miss Philippines Earth 2010, was appointed as Miss PAGCOR International 2010.

It's a title usually crowned to any of the runner ups and for the first time in 2010, it was given to the outgoing Miss Philippines Earth and not to any of the current batch of candidates.

It may be cheesy for some, but many are happy to see Sandra continuing her cause. And that means, we'll continue seeing Sandra who did a wonderful reign as Miss Philippines-Earth 2009.

And let's admit the 5 major international pageants, Sandra was the best delegate we had in 2009 and among the very few best who wore the Philippine sash during the last 10 years. Now I remember again what BPCI did to her.

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Jojo Binay overtakes Loren Legarda in SWS Survey

Noynoy Aquino (Liberal Party) is still leading among the 2010
Presidential Candidates with 38% in the latest SWS Survey, for the
period April 16 to 19. It's 1% higher than his percentage in the last
survey of SWS in March.

Manny Villar (Nacionalista Party) meanwhile lost 2 points, from 28% to
26%, raising Noynoy's lead over him to a big 12 points.

However, the biggest point gained was made by Gibo Teodoro
(Lakas-Kampi CMD), who's up with 4 points, but still way far from the
Top 3.

Among the Vice Presidential bets, it's Jojo Binay (PMP) who made a big
move. He's up by 4 points, overtakes Loren Legarda (NP) and now 2nd to
win. Here's full SWS poll results (April 16-19):

1. Aquino 38% (+1)
2. Villar 26% (-2)
3. Estrada 17% (-2)
4. Teodoro 9% (+4)
5-6 Gordon 2% (-1)
5-6 Villanueva 2%
7. Madrigal 0.3% (+0.26)
8-9 De los Reyes 0.2% (-0.1)
8-9 Perlas 0.2% (+0.1)

1. Roxas 39% (-3)
2. Binay 25% (+4)
3. Legarda 24% (-1)
4. Fernando 3%
5. Manzano 2% (-1)
6. Yasay 1%
7. Sonza 0.4%
8. Chipeco 0.3%


Willie Revillame, who's campaigning for the Orange Team, is apparently
not happy with any survey. He said this on Wowowee today: "Sana kung
magsusurvey kayo, hindi sa Luzon lang, kundi sa buong Pilipinas."

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Justin Bieber, Charice on 'Oprah' this May 11, 2010

After his cancelled show in Australia, Justin Bieber has to prepare
for his appearance in 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' on May 11. And
incidentally, it's the same day of Charice's guesting in the show.

While it will already be Charice's 4th time in Oprah, Justin on one
hand will be guesting there for the first time.

Charice will celebrate her birthday and launch her international album
there while Justin will be featured in the show as the newest teen
craze in the world.

Both were Youtube sensation before hitting it big in Hollywood and
everyone's hoping that Charice and Bieber will do a duet in the show,
probably sing together Bieber's song 'Baby'?

On Youtube, Charice has a video singing live the Bieber's hit song and
she sounds like Bieber. 'Amazing', 'awesome' and ' better version' are
just some of the reactions of those who watched the vid. And it would
be a good idea if the two will sing it on Oprah. Request for it guys!

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Justin Bieber show in Australia cancelled

Justin Bieber's appearance in a morning show in Sydney, Australia
today, April 26, 2010, has been cancelled an hour before it was
supposed to start after several fans, mostly children, got hurt and

According to the reports, about 4,000 came to the venue, which was too
small to accomodate Bieber's fans who went there as early as Sunday
night. In other words, the producer of the show 'Sunrise' on Channel
Seven in Australia did not anticipate the huge turnout of fans.

Before it got worse, the Aussie police has ordered the show to be
cancelled for safety reasons.

Fans came from Sydney and from other cities like Melbourne, Brisbane
etc. For a superstar like Bieber, they probably have picked the wrong

On Twitter, Bieber has explained over the cancellation: "I want to
make clear...I don't cancel...I woke up this m orning to the police
canceling the show for safety reasons. I love it here in
Australia...and I want to sing.."

He again tweeted after 3 hours, "I'm very happy about the warm
welcome...but I want everyone to still remember my fans' safety comes the end of the day I want you all to enjoy the music. I'm
very proud of this album and I want you all to enjoy it..."

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Semifinals set for Pilipinas Got Talent

Singer Markki Stroem and electric guitarist Keith Clark Delleva are among the Top 36 semifinalists of Pilipinas Got Talent. Who else made it?

Of the 36 semi-finalists, 17 are from Luzon, 9 from the Visayas and 10 come from Mindanao. Full list below:

Alexis 'Alex' Carpena (robot dancer)
Allan de Paz (magician)
Baguio Metamorphosis (dance group)
Garrett Devan Bolden Jr (singer)
Geraldine 'Fame' Flores (singer)
Imusicapella Chamber Choir (singing group)
Ingrid Payaket (singer)
Joel Amper aka BM or Big Mouth (singer with animal sounds)
Jovit Baldivino (singer)
Kapidamu Band (group of young singers/musicians)
Keith Clark Delleva (electric guitarist)
Maria Jeline Oliva (kiddie violinist)
Markki Stroem (singer)
Powerpuff Corn [Cesar & Bryant] (band, duo)
Reniel Tulabong (kiddie singer)
Ruther Urquia and toy (ventriloquist)
Velasco Brothers (dance group)

Carl Malone Montecido (blind kiddie singer)
Goldies & Goodies (dance group)
Jhistine Glyde & Filemon Baguio (kiddie ballroom dancers)
Josephine Aton (singer)
Jzan Vern Tero (kiddie singer)
Luntayao Family (singing group)
Mae Lozada & Anselmo Estillore (ballroom dancers)
Manolito 'Manoling' Saldivar (singer)
Snap Boyz (dance group)

Experience Kids (dance group)
Ezra Band (singers/musicians)
Florante Castino (singer/musician)
Harold Jomar Gesulga (beatboxer)
Hello World (dance group)
Reggie Ramirez (doble kara)
Rolando Ng III (kiddie singer)
Rolando Permangil (singer)
Sherwin Baguion (singer)
Xavier University Cultural Dance Troupe

On Saturday, May 1, the 1st round of the semifinals will start with 6 semifinalists competing against each other and they are: Jovit Baldivino, Snap Boyz, Rolando Permangil, Xavier Univ. Cultural Dance Troupe, Ruther Urquia and dancing pair Jhistine & Filemon.

Who are your bets?

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Johan Santos denies video scandal

In the photos above are Johan Santos' old photo and a screenshot of the guy from the video scandal being linked to Johan. You judge!

Johan Santos is just laughing off rumors that he's the guy in the malicious photo and video downloaded online.

On The Buzz today, Johan's camp is convinced that the guy really looks like Johan but they denied that he's the ex-PBB housemate.

Leo Bukas, Johan's personal manager, sent this official statement: "Personal na tiningnan ni Johan sa internet ang kumakalat na nude photos at malaswa raw niyang video, pero sa halip na magalit ay natawa lang siya habang pinapanood ito. Maaaring kahawig niya ang lalaking nasa video at larawan, but it's very obvious na hindi sya 'yun. Makikita ang kanilang pagkakaiba kapag pinanuod nang buo ang video. Ipinagtataka lang ni Johan kung ano ang motibo at bakit ginaganito ang pangalan niya ng taong nagpakalat nito sa internet."

Actually, it's not a new thing. A lot of videos online have been linked to different celebrities just to make it more appealing.

Other PBB ex-housemates like Robi Domingo and Ejay Falcon as well as other male celebs also faced the same issue before. And we wouldn't be surprised if PBB Teen Clash housemate Ivan Dorschner will also have video scandal rumors when he goes out of PBB.

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2nd Nomination Night - PBB Teen Clash 2010

Tricia Santos of Davao and Eslove Briones of Tawi-Tawi are nominated
again on PBB Teen Clash 2010. But this time around, they are joined by
first-time nominees Rebecca Chiongbian of Cebu and Yen Santos of Nueva

Tricia and Becca were both nominated by 5 housemates. Eslove, Shey,
Yong, Kyra & Devon nominated Tricia while Kazel, Yen, Joe, Ivan and
Patrick nominated Becca.

Tricia was nominated because 'mapili sa pagkain', 'palaging gutom' at
'pala-utos' whereas Becca got nominated 'coz 'palaging tulog'.

It was so funny why Angelo voted against Eslove. According to Angelo,
Eslove is 'bastos', 'pala-otot' and 'kung saan-saan nilalagay kulangot
at tutuli'. Other housemates who nominated Eslove were Tricia, Kyra
and Devon.

Yen, meanwhile, got nods from Becca, Fretzie, Ivan and Patrick.

Joe nominated Ivan because 'tinatadyakan daw ang mga babae'.

For the 2nd week, no one has nominated Fretzie.

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MPE 2010 Kris Psyche Resus Pictures

Morena beauty Kris Psyche O. Resus is Miss Philippines Earth 2010 and will represent the country in the Miss Earth 2010 pageant happening this November in Vietnam.

She, who's 22 years old and stands 5'6", represented the Municipality of Infanta in Quezon Province.

Measuring 33-23-34, Kris also won as Best in Swimsuit.

Kris is now the 10th Miss Philippines Earth titleholder and it's interesting to note that she's only the 3rd Pure Pinay winner of the said pageant and the 2nd morena beauty, after Catherine Untalan in 2006.

She also ended the 3-year streak for Miss Philippines Earth in having Binibining Pilipinas non-finalists or rejects as the eventual winner.

Pictures courtesy of Jory Rivera

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Pilipinas Got Talent Top 36 semi-finalists revealed

There were a total of 220 contestants who passed the 1st phase of
audition on Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT), but only 36 of them were
chosen as semi-finalists, who will battle it out on the semis starting
next weekend.

As revealed on PGT last night, 17 of the 36 semifinalists are from
Visayas and Mindanao. They are: (in order of announcement)

1. Sherwin Baguion (singer)
2. Florante Castino (singer)
3. Harold Jomar Gesulga (beatboxer)
4. Luntayao Family (singing group)
5. (cultural dance group)
6. Rolando Ng III (singer)
7. Rolando Permangil (singer)
8. Reggie Ramirez (doble kara)
9. Josephine Aton (singer)
10. Carl Malone Montecido (blind singer)
11. Snap Boyz (dance group)
12. (kiddie ballroom dancers)
13. Mae Lozada and Anselmo Estillore (ballroom dancers)
14. Ezra Band
15. Hello World (dance group)
16. Goldies & Goodies (dance group)
17. Jzan Vern Tero (singer)

The other 19 semi-finalists are coming from Luzon and they will be
revealed tonight. And I already know some of them (you'll be reading
it first here): [drumroll] Jovit Baldivino, BM or Big Mouth, Keith
Clark Delleva, Garrett Devan Bolden, Velasco Brothers, Kapidamu Band,
Baguio Metamorphosis, Powerpuff Corn, Geraldine 'Fame' Flores and
tsadaaan Markki Stroem.

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Angel Locsin, FHM, May 2010

Angel Locsin returns on FHM Philippines cover for its May 2010 issue.

It's been 5 long years since Angel last posed for FHM and now the
request of most FHM readers to see Angel back on FHM cover has been

Angel's FHM cover for May 2010 marks her 4th time to pose for FHM. She
was the cover girl in October 2003, March 2005 and October 2005.

She was also FHM Sexiest Woman in the Philippines for 2005 and among
the FHM 25 Sexiest Women of the Decade.

I have seen the cover and she's so sexy! She's finally wearing a
2-piece bikini for FHM, which she never did before in the magazine.

It's so timely that the voting for the FHM 100 Sexiest for 2010 is
ongoing. Will Angel claim back the FHM Sexiest title this year?

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26th PMPC Star Awards (2010) Winners: John Lloyd Cruz, Vilma Santos etc

Star Cinema's 'In My Life' was the big winner in the 26th PMPC Star
Awards for Movies held Saturday night, April 24, 2010, at the Henry
Lee Irwin Theater.

'In My Life' won 7 awards which include Best Picture, Best Director
for Olivia Lamasan, Best Actress Vilma Santos, Best Actor John Lloyd
Cruz, Best Supporting Actor Luis Manzano, Best Original Screenplay and
Best Cinematography.

Among the digital movies , 'Dinig Sana Kita' won the most with 4
awards (Best New Actor Romalito Mallari, Digital Sound Engineer,
Digital Musical Score and Digital Original Theme Song).

Here are the other winners during the 26th PMPC Star Awards for Movies:

ANG PANDAY (Best Production Design, Sound Engineer and Original Theme Song)
PUNTOD (Best New Actress Barbie Forteza, Digital Movie and Digital
Director Cesar Apolinario)
KIMMY DORA (Best Editing and Musical Score)
ASTIG (Best Digital Original Screenplay and Digital Editing)
LOLA (Best Digital Production Design and Digital Cinematography)
T2 (Best Child Performer Mica de la Cruz)
TULAK (Best Child Performer JP Mesde)

Ulirang Artista Lifetime Achievement - Gina Pareño
Ulirang Alagad ng Pelikula sa Likod ng Kamera - Carlo J. Caparas
Darling of the Press - Donna Villa
Female Star of the Night - Lorna Tolentino
Male Star of the Night - Jericho Rosales
Female Face of the Night - Iza Calzado
Male Face of the Night - Luis Manzano
I-White Celebrity of the Night - Bangs Garcia

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Luis Manzano, PMPC Best Supporting Actor

Luis Manzano has just won Best Supporting Actor in the 26th PMPC Star Awards for Movies held last night, April 24 at the Irwin Lee Henry Theater. He won for his gay role in 'In My Life', which was awarded Best Picture. He also won Male Face of the Night.

It's Luis' first Best Supporting Actor from the PMPC and his 2nd acting award after Gawad Tanglaw for the same movie in January.

His mom Vilma Santos was Best Actress while John Lloyd Cruz was Best Actor both for 'In My Life'.

Other winners: Olivia Lamasan, Best Director; Gloria Diaz, Supporting Actress; Jericho Rosales and Lorna Tolentino, Male & Female Stars of the; Iza Calzado, Female Face of the Night; etc.

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Potz Jalosjos evicted from the PBB house

Romeo 'Potz' Jalosjos III unexpectedly has been evicted from PBB Teen Clash 2010. I thought the Jalosjos family will use their resources to save him, but that didn't happen.

Potz, dubbed the Political Son from Dipolog, only got 5.53% of the total votes.

Angelo Pasco from Antique got 15.16%, Patrick Sugui of Mandaluyong had 16.63% and Tawi-Tawi's Eslove Briones got 21.20%.

Tricia Santos of Davao has proven her strong fan base by garnering 41.48% of votes.

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John Reyes, Mr. Philippines Earth 2010

14 contestants competed in the first ever Mr. Philippines Earth 2010 last Thursday, April 22, at The Concourse Plaza, Manila Ocean Park.

And proclaimed winner was Contestant #10 John Cyrus Reyes, a model and student from UST.

Familiar faces in the pageant were Candidates no. 4 John Leo Gorospe (Mr. World Philippines 2010 contestant; Cosmo Bachelor 2009) and #6 Jerby dela Cruz (disqualified Mr. World Philippines 2010 contestant).

It had actually 'good quality' of contestants and I hope Carousel Productions will continue staging that.

Meanwhile, the Miss Philippines Earth 2010 pageant is happening tonight. Stay tuned!

Super thanks to Jory Rivera for the photos!

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Ms Philippines Earth 2010 finals tonight

Everyone's excited for tonight's Miss Philippines Earth 2010 Grand Coronation Night at The Acquatica in Manila Ocean Park. As we wait for the official results, I have here my list of favorites which is already sort of a forecast or a prediction of the winners.

As what I've said a few days back, there's no HUGE favorite this year as most candidates are putting up a close fight against each other.

On top of my list is Miss Lubao, Pampanga Angela Lauren D. Fernando, who has already 2 special awards ahead of other candidates. She won Best in Cultural Attire and Miss Photogenic Ever Bilena.

Angela is a UST student and was Miss Ideal Thomasian Personality 2008. She's turning 19 this Monday and isn't it a great gift for her if she wins the crown?

Here's how I see the candidates tonight:

1. (MISS PHILIPPINES EARTH 2010) Lubao, Angela Fernando
2. (Miss Eco-Tourism) Fil-France, Gwennaelle Ruais
3. (Miss Fire) Pandan, Emmerie Dale Cunanan
4. (Miss Air) Infanta, Kris Psyche Resus
5. (Miss Water) Makati City, Angelica Pasumbal

6. Cebu City, Sian Elizabeth Maynard
7. Fil-USA East Coast, Rene Rosario McHugh
8. Taguig City, Yazmin Nicole Kaufmann Ortega
9. Butuan City, Stephanie Dianne Stefanowitz
10. Meycauayan City, Christine Emilia Luz Hermoso

11. Olongapo City, Rosemary Joan Turner
12. Tagaytay City, Nadine Karla de Roxas
13. Tarlac City, Aura Donna Garon
14. Dasmariñas City, Charisse Marie Sisperez
15. Quezon City, Nadine Bendigo

16. Kabacan, Lady Lou Garidan
17. Fil-USA West Coast, Melissa Ann Sokukawa
18. San Fernando City, Brendolf Muñoz
19. Pasay City, Julia Katrina Ibuna
20. Vigan City, Marie Loraine Diane De Guzman

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Gumaca, Bongao, Imus, Malabon, Marikina, Bongabong, Bacolod, Puerto Galera, Fil-USA Central and Caloocan

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