"Iñigo Pascual vs KC Concepcion" Twitter Issue | Piolo Pascual defends son

The Buzz host KC Concepcion was a "Kris Aquino" for a moment when she cried in the show with regards to the issue involving her and Iñigo,
son of her rumored boyfriend Piolo Pascual.

It's already an old issue, traced back probably in May or early days of June and I was surprised that it got so big, because it was an issue supposedly not to be taken seriously.

The issue is: 13-year-old Iñigo allegedly hates KC who's dating his
dad. And he allegedly used Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to tell the world about her.

Iñigo allegedly used the username "inigo1416" both on Youtube and Twitter, and upon checking today, both are deleted already.

But on KC's thread at PEX, her fans posted there the alleged tweets. Here's one:

"I hate KC Concepcion for my father...ask Piolo how much I hate KC. She ruined my vacation and our dad and son relationship. I hate her and never I will..."

Do you think a 13-year-old boy is capable of saying that and post it on Twitter? Yes if he's the girly bitchy brat type of boy.

That's why, I don't want to believe it coming from Iñigo.

The issue has already reached KC's mom Sharon Cuneta and in an interview, she defended KC against any allegations.

On The Buzz today, Piolo finally faced the issue by sending a written statement to the show and apologized to KC and to her family.

He defended his son by denying that Iñigo has a Twitter account and revealed that Iñigo's FB got hacked.

Piolo also warned those who are using his son that he will seek legal counsel if they continue doing it.

KC later aired her side on the issue and she cried, admittedly hurt
over the Twitter thing. But she's positive that Iñigo is also not
capable of saying those things because according to her, she already met Iñigo and he was nice to her.

And assuming it's true that Iñigo indeed doesn't like her for his dad, KC said that she would understand because she also experienced the same thing when her Papa Gabby and mom parted ways before.

Piolo actually made a fault there. He only gave a statement just today when the issue is two-month old already and some people have already concluded that Iñigo really hates KC.

But now that Piolo clarified things up, everyone's now hoping that the issue will finally be put to rest.


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