(Video) Mister Philippines International 2009

Watch a video of the Mister International Philippines 2009 candidates during the finals held last Wednesday night...


Before the pageant, there was this rumor that Mark Christian 'Ian' Daniel was the sure winner of the title, because according to them, he's a favorite of the organizer.

But it didn't happen. Ian didn't even make the Top 8 cut.


And now that Ian Daniel didn't win and the rumor has been proved wrong, the eventual winners are now the ones being criticized.

On Michael Manansala, the titleholder:

People are protesting over his inclusion as one of the official candidates.

Michael was only a replacement to Francis Soo who backed out 2 days before the pageant.

There's nothing wrong with that actually, because no pageant activities were being done prior to the finals, so it didn't turn out to be unfair for the other candidates.

Kerwin Caballero also dropped out on the day of the finals. Had it been he backed out 1 or 2 days before the finals, they would have also found a worthy replacement for him.

Even if there were no withdrawals happened, Mr. Mike Lim, the pageant director, was already thinking of having one or two wildcard contestants, just like what he did last year, where he announced 3 wildcard candidates who were added to the official candidates. That was to anticipate a possible drop-out, which did happen.

During the finals, Mike Manansala responded "Will Devaughn" to the question: Who is your role model?

Some were not satisfied with his answer, but because the Q&A portion counted only as 20% of the total scores, it didn't affect much his over-all standing.

But it did affect much the score of Fil-Iranian candidate Farzam Nasirian who wasn't able to answer his question because of his inability to converse well both in English and Tagalog.

Farzam scored high when it comes to Face, which was 40& of the total score, and Physique, which is another 40%, but was graded so low in Personality & Interview.

With that, he was only good as 2nd Runner Up. If he was able to answer his question well, Farzam could have walked away with the title.

I have already said in my previous post that for me, Farzam was the best-bodied candidate this year.

As what has been said in an article on Manila Bulletin yesterday, Nasirian was unable to answer during the Q&A portion of the contest because he, admittedly, was not good in English or Tagalog.

"He nevertheless won because the other criteria used in the pageant pulled up his final score," the writer said.


Just like in other male pageants or even in a female beauty pageant like Binibining Pilipinas, people would always question the results.

They would always have something to say for any of the candidates.

If Fil-Syrian Anton Malko, the 1st Runner Up, won the title... they would say, he has poor English Grammar.

If Boholano Abdul Wallace, the 3rd Runner Up, was declared the winner...they would say, the pageant was biased, because the main sponsor and two of the judges were from Bohol.

See...they really have anything to say, just to question the credibility of the pageant.


So, if you really have a candidate who has a perfect mix of very handsome face, super amazing physique and above average intelligence, tell him to prepare for the next year's pageant and that is if Mike Lim will still hold a pageant after these controversies.

But I'm still hoping that he would still have a pageant next year, hopefully with screenings not only in Metro Manila, but nationwide and even those residing abroad.


For now, let's just respect the judges' decision and wish Mike Manansala goodluck as he prepares for the Mister International pageant in Taiwan.

Video courtesy of OPMB Worldwide
Photos courtesy of Bruce Casanova / Ian Felix Alquiros


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