Negosyo Prince Paul Jake Castillo, may girlfriend na

May girlfriend na pala itong cutie chinito PBB Double Up housemate na si Paul Jake Castillo.

It's indeed a sad news for some of his fans (PaulJakers) na todo suporta na kaagad kay Paul Jake the moment he entered the Big Brother house last Sunday.

In fact, sa profile ni Paul Jake sa official site ng Pinoy Big Brother Double Up, he mentioned his girlfriend as one of those whom he will miss the most upon entering Big Bro's house.

So we'll not expect a loveteam partner for Paul Jake inside the house?

Or is it possible that Paul Jake will give in to temptations and most likely end up with a new girlfriend afterwards? Not a good idea for his girlfriend for sure.

Si Paul Jake Castillo ay 24 years old at isang successful na negosyante mula sa Cebu.


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